Shed some light, please - Darcy Kitchin
Talked myself into replacing the dip beam bulb on a mk iv golf today - the normal driver has further to go home and he won't mind me saying that he is not in the least mechanically minded. He tried to call into the local VW dealer to have it replaced, but it couldn't be done until Friday. Foolishly, I thought how difficult can it be to change a headlamp bulb?

Now, I see why. The nearside headlamp unit has 2 covers, 1 to protect the bulb and one, seemingly to protect the first cover in the event of battery explosion or some other unlikely event.

The golf uses H7 bulbs for main and dip so the plan was to rob a sound main bulb and fit it for dip beam use. The main beam bulb cover doesn't so much give access to the bulb as reveal a wire-filled tunnel where you can just see the back of the bulb if you've got a mirror and some imagination. Access wasn't possible for someone with normal hands.

What is going one here, is this German over-engineering gone mad?

Having got to this point it would be obvious that none of the 4 local all-night garages would have a H7 bulb. Sandwiches, yes. Newspapers, plenty. Wilting flowers, loads. Sweets of all sorts etc. etc.

As a long time owner of various Citroens, I have ofter been accused of having quirky French junk on my drive, but I've never had to clear my diary to change a headlamp bulb before.

Or am I missing something?
Re: Shed some light, please - Stuart B

Had EXACTLY this problem early this year with the Vectra.

On holiday in the sticks, H7 bulb went, no Halfords for miles, local motor factors, which was really a shop for the Nova boys seafront parade brigade, had none and as none of the garages had anything had to go to the dealer.

And of course H7 bulbs cost more, lots more, than other single filament H1/H3 bulbs. Plus in order to change the bulbs you have to remove some of the electronic boxes, plus use a mirror to see what you are doing, plus have slim fingers, with cast iron fingertips.

I reckon its a Communist plot! I can't think of any other more sensible explanation.

Perhaps we ought to go back, as Tomo suggested in an earlier thread to properly set up P100's.

Talking of P100's, back in the old district at the weekend and talking with one of the other dad's from school about how I missed the regular 3pm treat. One of the nannies blistering round the corner into the car park behind a wonderful pair of P100's.

Then she'd get in her Toyota and drive home! ;-) Sorry girls, mea culpa
Re: Shed some light, please - FfwlCymraeg
It's probably a plot by Bin Lada.
Re: Shed some light, please - ladas are cool
all worship bin LADA, the ruler of cars, the proud leader of the car movement, all kneal before the god named LADA.
Re: Shed some light, please - Andy P
Good reason to carry a few spare bulbs in the car, methinks?

Re: Shed some light, please - Andy Bairsto
we have to carry spare bulbs in Germany it can save a prosecution,I had to change a taillight in my xm estate on a dark morning that was no fun.
Re: Shed some light, please - John Slaughter

Yes, a very difficult job. I resorted to careful use of long nosed pliers last time I changed a Vectra bulb!

H7's are becoming much more common in cars, but many shops haven't caught up.


Re: Shed some light, please - John Slaughter
Oh, and as you probably spotted, unlike many cars, the Vectra uses different bulbs in main and dip (H1 and H7 I believe)!


Re: Shed some light, please - Colin M
Audi put a lever on the back of their xenon headlights to change the "hand". One is dead easy to get to, the other side requires removal of the battery!

I suppose you think that's funny - Darcy Kitchin
OK, armed with H7 bulb, went to put the Golf in the yard to fit the bulb, just inside the gate and POP, I'm bathed in darkness. The other bl**dy bulb has gone hasn't it?

Fortunately, the FOGLIGHTS work, but I couldn't switch them on because I wasn't wearing my baseball cap.

The extra cover is part of the cool air induction system, not something fitted just to annoy me.

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