VW Bora Fuel Pump Relay - MFC
Experiencing some problems with my 2001 VW Bora TDi 115bhp.

The traction control light stays on, no glow plug light, no fuel pump priming and engine turns over and won't start. When it did start I had "low oil pressure" alarm come on even though there is enough oil in the engine.

I have tried replacing relay "109" which I believe can cause problems but this has made no change.

The AA have plugged in their diagnostic software and there are no errors stored on the ECU. The AA man said he thinks it could be the fuel pump relay which is a multi functional relay which could explain all the other lights.

Before I take in to be looked at does anyone know the whereabouts of the fuel pump relay?
VW Bora Fuel Pump Relay - Aprilia
Its in position 10 on the fascia relay plate. It don't think that will be the problem though.
VW Bora Fuel Pump Relay - MFC
If this isn't the problem - any idea what might be?
VW Bora Fuel Pump Relay - Aprilia
You could check the EMS system relay in position 12. Also check the ECU earthing points.
Other than that it probably means taking it to the dealer for a more in-depth investigation.
VW Bora Fuel Pump Relay - Mfc
Thanks for your help

Getting it looked at on Wednesday so hopefully it's just a relay or something that's gone.

VW Bora Fuel Pump Relay - johnny_m
HELP, Did you find a solution i have the same problem ? !

Many thanks

VW Bora Fuel Pump Relay - Naeem Akhtar

Hi Mate I have the exact same problem any ideas on what it might be please, i am in urgent need of help please explain to me how you fixed it. Thanks in advance

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