Sliding doors=death traps - Carl2
When I look at the current new crop of small cars with sliding doors, I wonder what would happen in the event of a side impact. I wonder if it would be as easy to escape in the event of an accident. I like the idea of these doors but am I not sure. What do you think?
Sliding doors=death traps - martint123
Conventional doors jam in side (and front/rear) impacts as well though. Which is most likely to jam I don't know.
This is where you also have to make decisions about windows with winding handles or not to enable you to get out.
Have a wander around a breakers and see what sort of damage results. If you're in a biggish shunt and stuck they'll just take the roof off anyway.

Sliding doors=death traps - Altea Ego
Yes its more common to have jammed doors from offset frontal and rear impacts.
Sliding doors=death traps - none
Odd thing. Pre VW Skodas (Estelle) weren't allowed to be sold in Australia as the doors were likely to fly open during a collision.
So what is safer, opening doors or jamming doors ?
Sliding doors=death traps - Altea Ego
eggs in the box are safer than those being thrown around the road
Sliding doors=death traps - No Do$h
Whatever sort of car, get yourself a \"life hammer\". Designed to puncture and smash laminated glass, it also has a boxcutter blade to safely cut seatbelts and can be yours for about £10in most motoring stores. Clip it to the side of the exhaust/transmission tunnel so it\'s in reach if things go wrong and away you go.

Norwich Union are currently offering a life hammer and first aid kit for £11.95
Sliding doors=death traps - Cliff Pope
I notice rear-hinged "suicide doors" have come back in, but I can't remember which car I saw them on.
Presumably they, and sliding doors, now have some sort of electric lock like washing machines to stop people opening them while moving?
Sliding doors=death traps - JohnPug
The Mazda RX8 has these doors. You can't open the rear doors without opening the front, I think.
Sliding doors=death traps - patently
You can't open the rear doors without opening the front, I think.

IIRC, the front doors in fact overlap the rears.
Sliding doors=death traps - J Bonington Jagworth
"eggs in the box are safer than those being thrown around the road"

Which is why we have seat-belts, surely? Speaking as one who was briefly stuck in an overturned Land-Rover with petrol dripping onto me, I know which I'd prefer!
Sliding doors=death traps - Miller
Slightly OT but what was the name of that 60's/70's American car that had the fuel tank right behind the the rear bumper?

Even moderate rear shunts turned it into a fireball apparantly. Not one of the designers better ideas!
Sliding doors=death traps - BazzaBear {P}
It was the Ford Pinto, but apparently was wrongly accused. Read this for more info:

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