X Trail Recall Problems - X Trail 1
My 53 reg Nissan X Trail was recalled by Nissan to a local garage in Romford 8 days before I was due to take it to the south of France. The recall was for timing chain and tensioner replacement. They replaced both and the parts failed or were fitted wrong. The engine was run and suffered piston/valve contact. Jamming valves in the head. I have asked for a new engine but they are only changing the head. People are telling me that the engine could be damaged more and will not show up for some time. I have had to pay £1000 to hire a car to take to France, as they would not give me a car to take abroad. Has anyone any advice for me??????????????? Please
X Trail Recall Problems - simonjl
I can't see anything about a timing chain recall on the AA Vehicle recall listing. As I have an x-trail I'm interested to know whether there is an official recall about?

X Trail Recall Problems - X Trail 1
i recieved the recall notice back in early july to have the tensioner and chain replaced. from what i understood from Nissan it was a global recall. My car is (was)a 2.2 diesel sport. i still have ot found out if the part that was replaced was faulty or wheather it was fitted wrong.

X Trail Recall Problems - Ben79
Does anyone know if this is only for the older 2.2 diesel (112 bhp 53 plate and older) or for the newer DCI 136bhp (04 plate and newer) as well?

My uncle has just bought a 2.2 DCI (04 plate) and the dealer warned him that he would receive a recall notice shortly.

Apparantly (Uncle is not an engine amateur), the chain rubs at 80mph and a modification is being carried out to prevent this.

Also, is the 2.2 DCI (Laguna engine) a belt or chain cam engine?
X Trail Recall Problems - Xileno {P}
Laguna 2.2 dCi is belt driven.
X Trail Recall Problems - x-trailed
I have a 53 reg 2.2 dci Sport. As I've just passed the 60k mile point and hence no longer covered by warranty I'm dreading a huge repair bill.

It's just started to make a 'tinkling' noise at low revs till approx 3300 revs when all hell breaks loose in the engine - a coarse heavy rattle. It's also losing power between 1500-2200 rpm, being slower to pick up until the turbo kicks in...

Would I be right in summising this sounds like a timing chain/tensioner problem????

I have never received a recall re cam chain issues for my X-Trail - should I have done and will this oversight persuade Nissan to fix it at their cost....?
X Trail Recall Problems - turbo11
I agree with you I would insist on a new engine or new head,valves,pistons. bore and bottom end inspection as well.My best mate had a week old X-trail which suffered a crank seal failure.He rejected the vehicle and received a new one with £2000 of extras as an apology.
X Trail Recall Problems - Dave N
Where's all those people that moan and groan about belts, and think chains are the best thing since sliced bread??
X Trail Recall Problems - Aprilia
Where's all those people that moan and groan about belts, and
think chains are the best thing since sliced bread??

Cough, cough. I think by and large chains are better. But obviously there are some badly designed chain drives out there - VW VR6 springs to mind, as does this Nissan YD22 engine.

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