Focus gearbox - PhiL P
Due to a whining sound from my 1999 17k 2.0 Focus when lifting off the throttle in 5th gear I asked a Ford garage to check it over whilst they carried out a 2-year service. Their response was that it's a gearbox problem and would be very difficult (ie. expensive) to track down. They assured me that aside from the noise it isn't a serious problem and should not cause any grief down the line, so I opted to save my hard-earned and live with it.

I was wondering though whether it would be worthwhile having the gearbox oil changed, possibly for synthetic oil?
Re: Focus gearbox - Rob Fleming
I have experienced gearbox whine on a brand new Focus. Perhaps part of the problem is that the rest of the car is so quiet that the whine is more prominent - you wouldn't hear it on a diesel!

Changing the 'box oil is worthwhile for other reasons, but unlikely to solve your problem.

Re: Focus gearbox - Robert Major
An old remedy was any oil mixed with sawdust. Sell within 500 miles.

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