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Used 4x4 Import - Tony Spencer
Anybody know if it's worthwhile importing a used 4x4 from Cyprus?
I was looking at some secondhand Discoveries and Troopers today and when I checked some of the documents, the cars had come from Limassol. So at least it's worth the Dealers time and money. Any advice would be appreciated
Re: Used 4x4 Import - JetJockey8
These may well be ones that have failed , or are about to fail, the Japanese mech test and are sent elsewhere in the world where right hand drive is wanted. It is likely that they will be built to a Jap spec and there may be the same problems as there alleged to be vis a vis MX5 v Eunos. Eunos is cheap but not necessarily a good deal!
Re: Used 4x4 Import - T lucas
Dont believe the pub talk,the Japanese spec cars are usually better than one that has spent all its life in the UK,parts are no problem or insurance.You can even have the SVA test done now in Cyprus and then ship it to the UK.Remember a Disco is rubbish whatever market it was built for.
Re: Used 4x4 Import - David W

I think you're just a bit too strong on the "Discoverys are rubbish" thing. I've looked after a 1993 for a while that has gone the other side of the country now, the owner keeps in touch.

It has a mint interior, looks smart with alloys and after a mid-life major service/cambelt etc a while ago has proved reliable.

It does what the owners want and gives them pleasure, what more could they want?

OK so they can be troublesome but so can other cars, much of the reputation hangs on what owners are willing to tell.

I look after one car that the owners say is fine if asked by friends, but in reality has needed £1500 in repairs over the past 18mths.

Re: Used 4x4 Import - Honest John
Any used Japanese 4x4 that has got to Cyprus might already have been rejected by The Taliban. Enhanced UK SVA testing now covers this type of vehicle to a much greater extent than the old SVA did, so you might be buying a vehicle that isn't any use to anyone except B52 bomb aimers.

Re: Used 4x4 Import - KB
Check beforehand with your insurance company. Many will not insure Japanese made imports - either UK spec or grey imports. Norwich Union are quite tolerant but I've spoken to many which aren't.
Re: Used 4x4 Import - Gary S
I have had a bit of experience with 2nd hand jap imports to new zealand and while some may be fine, you need to delve a bit deeper than you normally might when checking them over. They are notorious for clocking their 2nd hand exports to what they think you want, had 1000's of cars imported with 45-50000km on the clock, yeh right...turns out to be quite an industry winding back speedos.
And because they ditch them at a young age they tend to ignore services, oil changes etc.
I had a few good ones, but their were plenty of dogs around, good looking but dogs none the less....good luck

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