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Clutch Operating Lever Failure - Brian
My daughter's Pug 106 had a clutch failure last week due to the operating lever between the cable and the clutch housing breaking across a large hole which is built into the design of the lever for no apparent purpose. It can't be for weight saving because the gain would be about a quarter of an ounce!

Apparently this is a known fault and the solution is to weld a small plate across the hole to strengthen it, preferably before it fractures.

I don't know whether other makes/models have similar daft design, but it might be worth checking and strenghtening where in doubt.
Clutch Operating Lever Failure - David Lacey
The Rover 214/414 >1992 has a weak clutch arm. It shears off where it goes into the bellhousing. Most have broken by now and have been replaced with modified items. Perhaps could be a bargaining point when buying an early model. Easy to identify a modded one - the arm is black cast arm, the weak one is a bright item.

Gearbox out to replace the parts - no quick fix here, I'm afraid.

Also, the exterior gear selector quadrants seem to snap off aswell.

Clutch Operating Lever Failure - David Lacey

Yes it is possible to change this part in situ, but that serrated roll pin can be very tight!
Consequential damage caused to the radiator etc is also a distict possibility!

Re: Clutch Operating Lever Failure - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Sorry to disagree David, on the 214/414 although the replacement part includes the release bearing fork you only need to swap the operating arm. Done it many times. Remember to ask for a new dowel pin.
Re: Clutch Operating Lever Failure - David W
I thought Peugeot would have sorted this by now. It was an issue with the early BXs. Later ones had a stronger arm and the new part for the earlier ones once it broke had extra reinforcement.


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