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M25 Firework display - Bruce
We were coming home around the M25 this evening, the traffic was heavier than usual, but we didn't mind. Because some caring people had put on a series of free firework displays for us. They were lovely to watch whilst we sat stationary. I believe Surreys were the best, Hertfordshire came second. The police put on a good display as well clearing away the little shunts that were happening. Thanks for a lovely time, glad I wasn't in a hurry.
shows by the roadside. - ladas are cool
i think the government should put shows on for people everytime they are stuck in traffic jams. just think...monday night - an air show. tuesday night - les miserables (which would be just right for the people stuck in the traffic jam) shown on the lay by. wednesday night - a slapstick comedy show (or in other words, the story of the labour government). thursday - a roadside stars in your eyes. friday - another fireworks display. and on saturday and sunday - the public perform (which consists of karaoke/dancing/stunts/etc)
Re: shows by the roadside. - Stuart B
Re: shows by the roadside. - ladas are cool
whats wrong now???
Snitch - Jonathan
No one likes a tattletail...

Re: Snitch - Stuart B

All right lets raise the stakes here.

Take a look at some other threads, and some of the comments on LAC from what I would call reasonable site regulars. I too have a right to protest about this garbage. But rather than indulge in a slanging match with LAC, one word does it and Martyn (BRM) knows what I mean.

It has finally gone beyond amusing. The individual has been banned once for this sort of thing, whether that was a right or wrong thing to do is questionable.

Certainly if the action cannot be backed up by keeping the individual off the site permanently and not just coming back as son of etc then it was not worth doing in the first place IMHO.

Not to mention free speech. With free speech comes responsibility and I submit that LAC has shown no responsibility.

I realise that I and the others who have stood up and been counted are open once again to the sort of puerile insults that came our way last time. If HJ and Martyn want to have this sort of stuff on the site then fine, I'm off, and so will a lot of others I suspect.

Anyone disagrees/agrees then say so, I have broad shoulders.

Re: Snitch - Jonathan

It was only intended as a light hearted comment.

I agree that this one boy post wave should not continue (at the least his boss should be told that he is spending all his time on this site and isn't doing any MOT's).

I also think that MBRM looks at this site quite often too and can see when enough is enough.

Yours begging forgiveness

Re: Snitch - ladas are cool
please tell me what i did wrong???
A628 Firework display - Lee H
Drove over the Pennines on the A628 yesterday evening from Manchester to Barnsley, and at the highest bit, could see for miles. Fantastic views of bonfires and firework displays everywhere.

Bruce wrote :
>Thanks for a lovely time, glad I wasn't in a hurry

My sentiments exactly. In Yorkshire the best area seemed to be over Stocksbridge, but Holmfirth, only 4/10.
Re: Snitch - Rebecca

As the self proclaimed voice of reason (try to never get involved in the bickering, never rise to the 'women driver' stuff, live and let live etc) I thought I should add that I think you're right about this one.

I know I don't often have much auto-stuff to contribute here, but I don't hijack every possible thread with a load of nonsense. I said once before, if it was funny, I don't think we'd mind so much, but 99% of the time I think space and time is wasted by this person, and it's difficult to ignore.

Despite this, I probably won't vote with my feet, but I am happy to voice my concerns.


PS I noticed today that John Slaughter appears to have the same ISP address ( as our friend and all his aliases. Are they by any chance related? I think we should be told! ;-)
.......... are cool. - David W

John Slaughter related to LAC....poor chap....don't saddle him with that!

We would know if he was because then John would be BMWs are Cool in the week and Minors are Cool at weekends (I could agree with one at least).


BMWs and Minors are cool - John Slaughter
Crikey! Nearly missed that one!

Rebecca, you can be told - I find it difficult to believe you even considered the possibility! Statement - No relation at all. Live in Wiltshire, never had any desire to own a Lada. Don't pretend to understand the email addresses that appear on the site, but my actual e-mail address is very different to C(LaC)W's.

Other differences - my computer has a shift key!

DW - which one isn't cool then - as if I couldn't guess!


Re: BMWs and Minors are cool - David W
They're both cool John but the BMWs need a tight hold to stop them....well...."thrusting" too much.

The Minor is gracious by nature.

Re: Snitch - John
How I agree with Stuart. I also am mainly a reader that has enjoyed reading and occasionally received good advice from this site. However I was beginning to lose interest as LAC was beginning to appear everywhere. I though it was being let go but obviously it has been causing a lot of pent up frustration. I do hope that it is resolved quickly and does not degenerate into personal attacks as before
Re: Snitch - Tomo
Apparently my views are not wanted.

Free speech?
Re: Snitch - Ian Aspinall

There's clearly a problem here with abuse of this otherwise excellent forum by one individual who's spoiling it for the rest. I know you're looking at making some changes to the Back Room, including requiring users to register. So how about this:

1) User registers, choosing a unique username and supplying a valid email address.
2) 48 hours later, you email him/her a password.
3) User logs on using this password, and his/her computer is "cookied" so that this isn't necessary in future.
4) Anyone abusing the forum is (after being given suitable warnings) banned, i.e. they can no longer log on under the same username or with the same email address.

That way, the only way they can re-register is to get themselves a new email address AND wait 2 days. If it only takes you 30 seconds to ban them, this is a war of attrition you'd end up winning.

Just a thought...

PS Tomo - don't worry, I don't think this is about you...
Re: Snitch - Darcy Kitchin
It's bound to happen with a free forum. None of us have registered to use the excellent and valuable expertise avilable on the site, so there is no control. Where there's no control, there is the potential for abuse. But don't let's get mad about it, if a posting is seen as upsetting or time-wasting, move on. Otherwise we're guilty of the Mary Whitehouse syndrome (remember her?) - she apparently had to watch offensive TV to see how bad it was. Why?

My advice - if you see a thread or post from the Whitley Bay Ladameister, or anyone else who runs the risk of winding you up, keep going, there's plenty of other material to read.
Re: Snitch - Mark (Brazil)
> My advice - if you see a thread or post from the Whitley Bay
> Ladameister, or anyone else who runs the risk of winding you
> up, keep going, there's plenty of other material to read.

Rather good advice. Nothing defeats attention seeking as well as a lack of attention.
Re: Snitch - Martyn [Back Room moderator]
Tomo wrote:
> Apparently my views are not wanted.

Alex, I'm not sure what you're going on about this time. But if you'd spend a little less time having sarcastic digs at me (I quote: "The nice (Martyn and other friends of theirs please note) traffic police"), I might be even more favourable to what you have to say, because usually there's a nugget of sense and wisdom in there -- albeit heavily disguised sometimes.
Re: BMWs and Minors are cool - Brian
My address also comes up as ""
I don't know why, but I am in no way connected with any of the others that come up with the same description.
It may indicate that the message has come via a server, but I am no techie and someone with the gen. can undoubtedly explain it.
Re: Snitch - Rebecca
Just for the record John, I WAS joking!
Re: Snitch - John Slaughter

I'm disappointed- surely you don't believe I would think it was serious comment!


Re: Snitch - Rebecca
John, shall we keep going with this?! I was 99.9% sure that you wouldn't take it seriously but...

I admit to a nanosecond of concern that my message may not have been read in the way it was intended. You can never be sure with this 'netiquette' stuff. Anyway I thought it was best to double check (see Stuart taking Jonathan too seriously above - but glad Stuart spoke out when he did).

(and it gave Brian the chance to point out that he's not involved either)

Re: Snitch - Stuart B
Well thanks for the support from a number of you, began to wonder if it was me that was out of step.

Jonathan, no problem, obviously did not understand totally the significance of the smiley. Like my post on m/cycle headlights where Tomo didn't twig it was extremely tongue in cheek.

Tomo, no its not intended at you, far from it in fact. Not sure why you thought it was. Are you saying that you have been banned from the site in one of your previous guises? If so that's news to me.

Mind you many a comment of yours has been reduced from a gem by incorrect use of mimsers, if you don't mind me saying ever so humbly.

Darcy and Mark (Brazil), yes it would be easy to avoid the end of the bar you don't want to be by reading the sites in threaded view as opposed to flat view. Flat view allows more ground to be covered quickly, and in this case it is difficult to avoid the particular comments.

Re: Snitch - Tomo
Message saying I sometimes found LAC amusing disappeared!
Re: Snitch - Stuart B
Ah! OK I understand! thanks for that Tomo.

How you getting on with the new beastie then?

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