Filthy Car - thanks Caltex! - Ian (Cape Town)
Our local refinery (half a mile away) had an 'accident' yesterday.
(As they've admitted it, I used their name in the heading - sorry Mods - please feel free to change if you feel like it!)
The neighbour knocked on my door, and said "have you seen what's outside. I hadn't.

There was a huge pall of sooty 'cloud' sweeping over the neighbourhood. The car was covered in hundreds of glops of oil, and the Mrs was less than pleased, as she had just put out a whole line full of washing ...
Fortunately for me, I'd just washed the car a few days before, and given it a damn good wax cost, and it was parked in the shade of the house, so the overnight 'dew' was still all over the top surfaces. Most of the oil settled on that, so I was able to squeegee it off without too much bother. But the sides are very grubby, and the windows needed a good scrub so we could see out of them.
Now the guys have offered to 'compensate' locals for the inconvenience - well, that's Mrs back at the washtub *ching*, car off for a hand-scrub at the local carwash *ching*, the pool - which looks like the Exxon Valdez came visiting - is going to need another clean *ching* ...

" ... the spray of crude oil was caused when water accidentally mixed with hot crude oil, causing pressure to increase and the safety valve to pop.

This caused a cloud of steam and oil to billow from the stack and spread over the Table View area ...

Enraged residents were found washing their cars and rewashing their laundry on Sunday afternoon.

White picket fences, pools, garden furniture, plants, roofs and walls were sprayed with the oil."
Filthy Car - thanks Caltex! - Stuartli
Must have been very annoying and frustrating...:-(

Just hope that the northerly winds aren't strong enough to despatch some of it to the UK..:-)
Filthy Car - thanks Caltex! - topaktas
Filthy Car - thanks Caltex! - Stuartli
Basically, if you fly in a southerly direction from the UK, you will eventually fly over Africa...:-)

At least that's what happened the last time I did the journey to J'burg and Cape Town.
Filthy Car - thanks Caltex! - topaktas
And northerly winds will blow the stuff down to Antarctica.
Filthy Car - thanks Caltex! - Stuartli
Blowing in, not from, a northerly direction...
Filthy Car - thanks Caltex! - patently
Ah ... but a "Northerly wind" in fact means a wind blowing from the North!
Filthy Car - thanks Caltex! - Stuartli
It was meant as a bit of a cheer up type response - not part of an A-level exam answer.
Filthy Car - thanks Caltex! - patently
Oh yes, but haven't you read "The Joy of Pedantry"?
Filthy Car - thanks Caltex! - pmh
'The Joys of Pedantry' perhaps?

pmh (was peter)
Filthy Car - thanks Caltex! - THe Growler
We still have a lot of volcanic dust (like silica) lying around from the Mt.Pinatubo eruption 12 years ago. When we get strong winds as we do in the typhoon season this stuff gets whipped up and covers the cars with a fine abrasive coating, so care is needed in washing it off. I got used to it over the years, but it can really mess up modern soft paint if you're not careful.

Herself is also heard to mutter what appear to be imprecations in her local province dialect while having to re-wash her delicate underpinnings which were arrayed on the line.

But not oil, thankfully, at least yet. We do have a refinery about 12km away.....

Filthy Car - thanks Caltex! - Altea Ego
Errrrrrr How far away is the nearest Nuclear reactor?
Filthy Car - thanks Caltex! - Stuartli
When weather conditions are "favourable", the UK's south coast can occasionally be hit by sand from the Sahara, some of it being red in colour.

Some years ago those of us in the North West suffered from this Sahara sand fallout for two or three days - everything was covered with a fine layer of sand which we thought, at first, had been blown in from the local beach.
Filthy Car - thanks Caltex! - Ian (Cape Town)
Errrrrrr How far away is the nearest Nuclear reactor?

I live in Table View.
The reactor is at Koeberg.

Oh, and there's NO WAY that map is to scale. Try 10 miles.
Clean Car - thanks Caltex! - Ian (Cape Town)
Follow up.
Took the car down to the carwash at 7:30 this morning (after getting bored with waiting yesterday!!!). There was the carwash boss checking vehicles "we get a lot of chancers, you know", and a suitably-buttkissing Caltex official there. Through the wash, then a tribe of workers descended on the car and gave it the once-over with a polishing compound. Looks very smart now, though I'll have to rewax at the weekedn (Only did it last Tuesday, so I'm a bit peeeved).
They say they are working 07h00 to 21h30 non stop buffing cars! So far the only problem they have is with canopies, which seem to absorb the oil into the glassfibre! "And no convertibles. yet. thank god..." says the Caltex man! Still, they've turned it into a bit of a PR exercise, and fair dos to them for that. The carwash owner is smiling all the way to the bank, as well ...
Clean Car - thanks Caltex! - Sooty Tailpipes
Sounds like the time I put a set of hydraulic tappets in the dishwasher, how was I to know they had pockets full of oil hidden away!
Clean Car - thanks Caltex! - Stevie Wonder
Well the wind is blowing from south today as we are apparently getting rain from Spain ! Lived in CTown for 2 years.

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