Not Ladas - Wartburgs are cool
I think I wiil set up in opposition to Ladas
Now there was a car ---all throbbing 993 ccs of it or was it 999
well it had to be divisable by 3
Re: Not Ladas - ladas are cool
ladas are better then wartburgs, as you can still get parts for ladas.
Re: Not Ladas - Tomo
My brother had one or two Wartburgs. He could not half put the wind up me in the snow and ice. They were fun in an odd way!
Re: Not Ladas - Mark (lost in Brazil)
I had one, which I borrowed for some time at college.

If only it hadn`t been winter, then it would have been fine - not much of a heater.

Mark - *so* lost in Brazil even I am not sure where I am

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