petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - ladas are cool
i wish somebody in this country would do something about the cost of petrol, can we not start a revolution, or at least another fuel blockade. any ideas, please let me know.
Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - Dan J
I don't want to start anything nasty politics wise on here, but try voting Conservative at the next election.

Labour have a very anti-motorist attitude and little has changed - our current transport minister cannot even drive...
Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - Ben
Don't think the tories will do much either, I'm afraid. I seem to remember when all the blockade stuff was going on, they weren't exactly promising a change, I think it amounted to 1-2p off a litre.

Lets face it, it's a great earner 'cos everyone's got to use it and the can hide behind the environment and public transport bit. Thing is, public transport as an alternative is a joke - need to provide a viable one first that would cater for everyone.

Just be thankful water isn't taxed the same way - oh dear, perhaps I've given them an idea.

If I ever embark on a career in politics and get in to number 10, I promise I'll cut the duty on petrol, and shove it on cigarettes!!
Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - Dan J
Sounds good re your tax plans, I'll vote for you :o)

You have just highlighted the reason why we will not see proper electric cars for many, many years yet either here, in Europe or the US.

Did you know that an electric Toytota RAV4 exists? 80p to charge it overnight and 125 miles a charge? Toyota tested them in Jersey and then said there was "not enough interest" even though everyone over there was absolutely clamoring for them. Nissan market a very good 100 mile per charge electric MPV in California (the ONLY Yank state to enforce this on the manufacturers).

Ford even built the e-Ka, an electric Ka which goes like stink (MUCH faster than the normal Ka) and will do 125 miles on a 60p overnight charge. What are Ford going to let the general public have (if they're lucky) - The Th!nk - a joke of a plastic car which looks like it is meant for small children to use at the fairground.

How many of you would buy a car that could do 120 miles for 60p (I know you have an overnight recharge between uses, but so what? You could have a petrol one for longer journeys, how many of you travel >100 miles a day?) - I would buy one tomorrow if I could...

So, any guesses why you'll never see these cars in a long, long time, even though all governments are supposedly supporting getting CO2 emissions down etc?

Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - Stu
But surely you don't base your vote on one single issue?

What if a party said they would abolish petrol tax, but would screw everything else up, still get your vote?

There is a whole raft of policies to take into account, I weigh up all the policies which affect my life (including taxes) then decide.

How old fashioned!

Sorry, not very amusing I know...
Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - Dan J
Was highlighting that they are not the most motorist-friendly of governments! Like I said, didn't want this to get political as this ain't really the place for it and I shouldn't have brought it up - I would quite happily argue the toss on all the other damage and lack of investment they are doing but would much rather talk about cars!

But Chris is right, it is a shame petrol prices are so high though I am thankful for the current level of them - petrol station up the road from me closed down 18 months ago and still has 87.9p prices up for unleaded!
Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - Stuart B
Stu has got a point that it is more than a single issue, but I have to say it's the lack of joined up thinking with this lot that really gets me.

Here we are with the Government using its resources to force us out of our cars by taxation, congestion and, I have to agree with Tomo here, certain aspects of police/enforcement activities. Note I am saying it is the Government that is truly anti motorist.

Yet at the same time they are trying/considering pushing up rail prices to try and reduce demand because the system cannot cope.
Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - ladas are cool
what do you mean MIGHT mess the other things up, the current government are doing very well at messing the country up. at least you would have cheap fuel.
Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - Stu
'You can't please all the people all of the time' whoever is in charge, but a pretty thankless job methinks, let's face it we're never happy!
Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - Alwyn
But they don't try to please the people do they? They mainly look after themselves and their business chums.
Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - Lee H
Much as I like pootling around in my car, I'd be very happy to use public transport if it were available.

Here's a good example : went to London on monday on the train, but had to leave the car at Sheffield station since the train I returned on arrived in Sheffield exactly three minutes after the last train back home (well I say home, the station 1.5 miles from home, as opposed to 32 miles from Sheff)

Was part of the Rio treaty on climate change to make travelling anywhere, anyhow such a hassle that we all stay at home and spend our lives buying stuff and talking over the

What are the plans in place to make transport better? Does anyone know?
Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - Tom Shaw
I don't need any plans to make transport better, Lee. I already have the perfect transport solution sitting in my drive. Ready to take me in comfort to anywhere in the country 24hrs a day 365 days a year. It's got a stereo, heating system I can control myself and I never miss it because I got up late or because the person operating it is sick / on strike or just doesn't turn up. Now what could improve on that?
Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - Alwyn
How would the stuff be delivered?
Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - Brian
Problem is, the rail system never will cope unless truly massive amounts of money are spent on new lines, new trains and new stations.

Rail caters for something like two percent of total transport in the UK, the majority of that being passenger traffic. To double passenger rail use would mean tremendous upheaval; moving freight on a large scale, from factory to depot by road, rail to another depot, then road to the shop or consumer would be chronically slow and inefficient and doesn't bear thinking about.

The government has not got that type of money, the rail industry has not got that type of money, and dear old Stephen Byers, by confiscating Railtrack, has made sure that there is a cat in hell's chance that anyone is going to lend the rail industry a brass farthing.
Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - Andrew Tarr
If any of you grumblers out there really think fuel is expensive, when people have to go out and dig deep holes in the desert or at the bottom of the sea to get the stuff, how come you don't object to the price of beer, which is 4 times dearer (vol. for vol.) and anyone can make it from rainwater and a bit of sugar.

Well ?
Re: petrol prices,AARRGGHH!!! - Richard Hall
Beer is just like petrol - the vast majority of what you pay is tax, making it impossible to work out whether or not you are being ripped off by the supplier. Also the volumes sold are much smaller, so you don't get the same economies of scale. If it was brought into pubs in big articulated tankers I suspect it would be a bit cheaper.

Bottled mineral water isn't taxed, yet it costs more per litre than petrol. How do they do that?

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