Somebody stop me, please - Richard Hall
I have just seen an advert for a 1956 Bedford RL, 4 ton 4x4 truck. Ex Army, good condition, lots of spares with it and disturbingly local to me. £1500. Could someone please talk me out of this before I sell the V8 Land Rover and buy the Bedford. It has a 4 litre petrol engine and probably does about 5 mpg, but I keep thinking about LPG conversions.

Seriously, does anyone know anything about these beasts? I have always wanted one since I was about ten years old - something to do with growing up on military bases I suspect. This vehicle is claimed to be tax exempt (fair enough) but also MOT exempt - how does that work then? Can't get hold of the vendor at the moment to ask him.
Re: Somebody stop me, please - David W

Just been looking at such vehicles in the back of LRO, they do appeal don't they.

No need for us to stop you, just take the good lady. If there isn't one or she is keen then it's yours.

good ex army bedford. - ladas are cool
i know someone who has one for sale, he wants £2000, its late 50's, but it has been converted to become a camper, so its got wooden floors, a cast iron stove, and even a stainglass window, but the best thing the looks, it looks like it could smash apart a tank, its the beefiest thing i have ever seen. if you want details and pictures email me at
Re: good ex army bedford. - THe Growler
In my hippie days we used to take these to Kathmandu and back. Seats welded in the back under a canopy and a trailer with tents etc. I think we paid about 500 pounds then. The gas mileage and the driving experience are pretty awful, noisy as hell, but ain't nothing much going to stop one of those. I've had them on dirt tracks everywhere from N. Afghanistan to Swat, through rivers, floods, snow, sand, the lot. Totally unstoppable, as of course they were meant to be. That was however a long time ago and then as definitely now they were a nightmare in heavy traffic. The Army presumably drove in convoys so it didn't matter to them. Let's not talk about parking. The Army used to over-maintain everything, and anyway these things are totally unbreakable. If you've had a yen for one, buy it and enjoy! Or else get it out of your system by owning it!
Re: Somebody stop me, please - Andy P
If it's ex-military stuff you're after, go to There are lots of places that specialise in this kind of thing.

I've currently got my eye on ex-Russian T-55. No more parking problems......

Re: Somebody stop me, please - ian (cape town)
But andy, the MPG (or is that GPM) would kill you ...
Re: Somebody stop me, please - ladas are cool
some of the people on this forum would be able to put a LPG into a chieftain tank, what about buying the one my friend has (remember the pink chieftain?)
Re: Somebody stop me, please - Jonathan

I though your friend was a pink chieftan.
Re: Somebody stop me, please - ian (cape town)
... and you thought changing a tyre was bad? Ever tried track wrestling?
Re: Somebody stop me, please - Honest John
A photo of the later TK based Bedford 4x4 with a clinker built house on the back is coming un in my Telegraph clumn on 1st December.

Re: Somebody stop me, please - ROBIN
Surely this is very cheap fun at fifteen hundred quid?
Is it like the big or the little Dinky Toy army truck?
You'll be able to tow all those Range-Rover owners home when they get stuck in Tescos car park,too.
Consider the towing fees!
At my local Tesco when I'm in Surrey you would be the owner of the only sensible vehicle in the entire 5 acre car park,unless I was there,of course......
Re: Somebody stop me, please - THe Growler
Second-hand Humvees ought to be 2 a penny as well, after the Afghan experience. Great in olive drab, bristling with antennae and with the gun mounting on the front.

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