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I have just got a new (s/h) hand car and this morning topped up the Power Steering fluid with about 25cl (max) of water by mistake. Can someone please let me know if this will have any short/long term effects on the performance/lifespan of the power steering and, if so, what can I do to rectify this mistake.

Thankyou for any helpful advice.
I've been a Dummy ! - mfarrow
A quick search of the BR revealed this useful thread:

I've been a Dummy ! - Peter D
Do not use the car. I hope you have started the engine since you put the water in. Water is heavier then the steering fluid so it has sunk to the bottom of the tank, if there is a feed pipe at the bottom then the water may well have come down there so you will have to dissconnect the pipe at its lowest point and drain the oil/water out and refil with fresh fluid. If the car has a pump and header tank in one unit then you will need to drain the system and flush though with clean fluid and refill. Regards Peter
I've been a Dummy ! - Peter D
Typo Time I hope you have not started the car !!
I've been a Dummy ! - mfarrow
Don't you mean "I have you haven't started the engine..."?
I've been a Dummy ! - mfarrow
Oops, too slow!
I've been a Dummy ! - samtheman
No, the car wasn't started. I have drained the reservoir of water and fluid. There are two feeder pipes from the reservoir, one to the pump and one that disappears under the engine. The lowest point in the system is the pump and wherever the other pipe goes to so impossible to drain ! Assuming I have got most (if not all) of the water out of the system via the reservoir, what are the possible short/long term effects of any water that possibly remains in the system ?
I've been a Dummy ! - Peter D
Is the tank a plastic moulded unit with moulded exit pipes or has it got inserts for the pipe connections. I'm trying to establish whether the water has run down one of the pipes. If you really can not disconnect the pipes then I would use a thin peice of plastic tube and feed it dowm the pipes to the lowest point and suck out the fluid/water. Just put the end of the pile into a bottle and a short length, say 40cm and tape the top up then just suck and the fluid will appear in the bottle not in your mouth. Ren the engine for ten mins and drian it again and refill. run for a couple of days and drain and refill. You should be ok then. Regards Peter
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as long as you get most of the water out it wont do any harm .dont run the pump dry to try and empty it ,this would do as much if not more harm.you could take the pressure pipe of the rack and crank over with starter whilst topping up the reservoir till it runs clean.

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