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Ugh! Vomit - Don
We were unfortunate enough to have a child sick in the back of my wifes car recently. Any good ideas for getting rid of the smell? We have tried scrubbing and disinfecting, but the pong lingers. The upholstery is cloth velour.
Re: Ugh! Vomit - David W
Childrens vomit is special, no product on earth will sort this quickly if it has gone into the padding of the seats.

Time will cure it but get them damp again and you still might be reminded of it.

Last two sessions of this with our kids was when they had their own car seats and their seats caught most of it. Had to throw one away after a few days as we just couldn't stand it any more.

Good luck,

Re: Ugh! Vomit - Alwyn
Have you tried the aerosol Neutradol. It won't clean the upholstery but the smell should be masked.

Perhaps an upholstery cleaning machine from a hire company would be enough to remove the residue from the cloth. Test for colour fastness first.

Trouble is, HSS Hire want £17.50 for 1 days hire. Call 0845 728 28 28 for a branch near you.

Give the child some crystallised ginger next time. It wards off nausea

Re: Ugh! Vomit - jetjockey8
Am I allowed to name commercial products here? There is something advertised on TV (which doesn't mean it is good!) called Febreeze. It claims to take the smells out of clothes, curtains carpets etc. It isn't expensive so it could be worth a try. Otherwise it it might be off to your breaker's yard - I bought 2 front seats, a rear bench seat with 60/40 split and all the trim panels a while back for £100. Good luck whatever course you take!
Re: Ugh! Vomit - KB
Perhaps a good soak with upholstery cleaner then use a Vax type hoover to suck it out.
Re: Ugh! Vomit - KB
I searched Google and it suggested who in turn suggested Autoglym Upholstery cleaner from Halfords " For kids who puke" was their phrase!
Re: Ugh! Vomit - Rebecca
Febreze helps (a bit). Works quite well on cot mattresses and carpet too.
Re: Ugh! Vomit - Unnamed
If its a typical rental fleet type car, u could swap the seats.
Re: Ugh! Vomit - LWright
Suggest either a bottle of Nodor that HJ used to reccomend in one of his earlier tomes - or see if you can hire an ozone generating machine - ozone is remarkably effective at removing pungent odours.
Re: Ugh! Vomit - Sue
Febreze certainly helped with a disaster on our landing carpet. Remove every last trace of solid material first and then spray! Do take the seat out if you can: there is bound to be some down the side, underneath (don't ask how) and in any crevice.

We share our house with a single male who has a very sensitive nose. He was away at the time of said disaster. Two days later I asked if he could smell anything and he couldn't.

I bought Febreze following a minor disaster which was lingering slightly. Dettox hadn't helped much. Febreze comes in several flavours, including antibacterial!
Re: Ugh! Vomit - Peter Mason
Try Shaw's 'No Stain' -it's an enzyme-based odour neutralizer designed to cope with cat's wee - I can vouch for its efficacy. Available from any pet shop.
Re: Ugh! Vomit - Dave Y
Try a solution of sodium bicarbonate - also very good for getting rid of the awful smell spilt milk will give off.
Re: Ugh! Vomit - Alastair
You can buy what I believe are called cot pads from most supermarkets (think they are made by Huggies) - you can tell who does the shopping in this house!
Having small kids, we lay 2 across the rear seat and/or put them in the childs seat. They soak up everything!! Waterproof backing also doesn't let liquids through.

Great for in the house on cushions (2 cover a sofa base).

Re: Ugh! Vomit - Rebecca
Pampers make 'care mats' which are the same kind of thing. Prevention is better....etc

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