Audi Gearbox update - Albert Reynolds
I thought I'd let you all know how I got on with the Audi 'box I posted about a while ago.

I agreed with the rebuilder that I pay £150 for the reconditioning of the gearbox. The differential unit would be returned without the 'new' bits, end of story. There was a minor upset when they failed to return the drive flanges with the differential, then returned the wrong ones. The rebuilder's mechanic threatened me with 'black belt' when I returned to pick them up. I took the sump off the 'rebuilt' gearbox - it's full of crud. The rebuild seems to have involved nothing more than spraying the casing silver. I don't want anything more to do with them.

I've lost £150 at the hands of a disreputable rebuilder. As I almost lost five times this amount, I'm philosophical about it.

The story has a happy ending - I got a good second-hand unit from a crashed car (from All Audi in HJ's good garage guide, highly recommended). Smooth as silk, £250.

For anyone who ever finds themselves in a similar situation, I would say only trust a rebuilder with a VERY good reputation.

Re: Audi Gearbox update - David W

Glad you had an acceptable (best of a bad job) solution and can enjoy the car again.

There are any number of such engine/gearbox reconditioners in this area, only one I'd use...I've seen "round the back" of the others!

With all such cheap jobs immense care is needed with "non-branded" exchange units. Often all that happens is the most obvious faults are repaired on the unit and it is painted, leaving the remaining 50% of the expected overhaul work undone.

Re: Audi Gearbox update - Phil P
David, this is exactly what happened when i had a 're-con' box fitted to my golf. I knew the main problem was the first motion shaft bearings, but since the syncromesh on 2nd and 3rd gears was poor as well, i though it was worth having a re-con.

The car came back with the 1st motion shaft bearings changed but syncromesh just as bad as before: To you sir, 500-odd quid. I would recommend prospective buyers to ask for a written statement as to exactly what 're-con' will include.
Re: Audi Gearbox update - Dave N
Ther's a subtle difference between reconditioned and remanufactured.

Recon means fix the obvious faults. Reman, means as good as new, with all bearings, clutches (in autos), seals, springs, valves, shafts rebuilt etc.

A lot of recons are simply second-hand units that they take a chance on with a short warranty.
Re: Audi Gearbox update - Ben Chapman
I have heard Hardy engineering are a good gearbox specialist, find them at
Alternatively for VW/Audi cars Volkspares do good remanufactured gearboxes. Ollie, who owns the Volkspares chain, has shown me one of his gearboxes, and explained exactly what is done when they are recondiitoned. These boxes look at good bet.
I cant recomend buying second hand gearboxes, particularly for older cars. There is no way of telling the condition of a gearbox in a breakers yard. A box like this can end up being far more hassel than its worth, particularly if you are unable to install the gearbox yourself and have to pay someone to do it. Very rarely are the garuantees given by breakers yards worth anything. far better to invest in a propely rebuilt box, which can sometimes perform better than a new box, if you can afford it, and plan to keep the car a while.

Re: Audi Gearbox update - me
i was issue a small claims summons for your cash back...

however if they are morons this may cause problems and could could always adopt dirtier tricks...

nice little web site called "" or similar ways, use your imagination
Re: Audi Gearbox update - markymarkn
hahaha that brings back memories of the company i used to work for...

they had a web based free email set up facility and when everyone left (the boss was a loser) we decided to set up some comedy email addresses.

(i've disgused the name Martyn so dont worry!)

among them we had

the list was endless, we had a competition to see whos was the best.

best bit was, we knew how to admin the mail server and the boss didnt, so he had to close the email server in the end!!! hahahaaaaaaa!

If theyve ripped you off theres loads of annoying stuff you can do.
Re: Audi Gearbox update - me
re the "black belt" threat, any threats of violence - try and get the same in front of a witness, and report the little idiot
Re: Audi Gearbox update - Ben Chapman
Or take a dictaphone with you.


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