306 HDi - squeaky wheel bearing? - jonesy127 {P}
With the hot weather and the windows down (air con not working at the moment!) I've noticed a squeaking from what I think is a wheel, perhaps a front one on my '99, 87k 306 HDi.

This appears to stop after a certain speed (perhaps 40mph?) and also lessens when the car has been running for a while??

Do the wheel bearings need lubricating at anytime? I can't see it as a lube-requiring item in the owner's handbook?
306 HDi - squeaky wheel bearing? - Ross Lavery
Hello mate,

Done loads of these at one point sounds very much Like a suspect wheel bearing, although its not a tiny stone in the caliper squeaking?

When the HDi 306s first came out I was changing 3 to 4 a day dunno why.

You cannot easily lubricate the bearing, replacement is a better thing to do

You also mention your A/C is not working, have you checked the pumps operating? Also quite common on these


306 HDi - squeaky wheel bearing? - jonesy127 {P}
Thanks for the advice Ross, will check out the bearing.

The A/C is stuffed because the condensor's gone. Also common on the 306, I believe... :-(

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