Xsara Electrical Probs - Roly93
My wifes 2000 X plate Xsara has basically been quite a good little card apart from the sporadic problems with airbag warning lights.

In the early days we had the front airbag light come on which was fixed by the dealer who re-seated a connector under the drivers seat. However after looking at various bulletin boards I found that this was a known fault, and the only way to cure it for sure was to hard-wire both under-seat connectors which I did, and the fault never re-occured.

Now (over a year later) I have the side airbag warning light coming on intermittantly. Does anyone know of this fault or how to fix it, or will I have to go to the 'stealership' this time ?
Xsara Electrical Probs - Roly93
Update to the above, I've had a closer look at the car and it isn't even fitted with Side Curtain airbags, so why the alarm ??

Has anyone got any clues ?
Xsara Electrical Probs - Dynamic Dave

Although you don't have side curtain air bags, I imagine the wiring loom will probably contain the wires for one, as these days one wiring loom fits all models of car in the range.

Guessing here, but the multiplug that is supposed to connect to the curtain air bags could be dangling down somewhere and touching something it shouldn't be.

Xsara Electrical Probs - mfarrow
as DD said, but I also wonder if Citroen have put a "dummy" (resistor?) on the end of said multiplug to trick the control unit into thinking it has got side airbags.
Xsara Electrical Probs - David Horn
Are you sure it hasn't got side airbags? I'm sure mine has them as it has a passenger airbag also, and there's a warning sticker on the side of the seat. It doesn't actually say "Air Bag" as such there though. The control light for the side airbags on my Xsara also comes on when I switch in the ignition - which is the main reason I believe I have them!

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