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omega climate control - RobertH
hi all
I have a 1998 omega cdx with climate its 2 years since i had the system serviced but it had been running ok but i thought ihad better get it serviced. I went to a local "Expert" gave me a load of waffle about disinfenctant, tracer dye, and the pollen filter so I told him to carry on. However when i got the car back he had a thermo probe on the dash and it was showing 6 degrees but the fan was on full with the setting at LO I thought ok so i paid him and set of on my merry way. But i turned it back to AUTO setting on 18 and it started blowing warmish before that if it was a warm day i set it to 18 and I did not have the blower blowing full speed it it gave a nice temp in the car when i stopped you could tell the differene when I got out of the car as it was quite warm outside, on the rare ocasions I put it on Lo when i got out of the car the heat outside used to knock me back that as now gone. The symptom it is giving me now is it is low on Refrigarant i rung him back and he said he had drained it and regassed it to the manafacturers spec and that his work was done correct also it seems like the fan is not running when the air con is on on my previous cars and this one when the air con was on the fans started and went of when you diengaged the air con i think ive spent £80 for nothing and made my system worse any ideas

thanks all
omega climate control - Sooty Tailpipes
The two front fans on mine always seem to come on with the CC on, they seem to have slow and fast speeds too, but are always on at least slow.

You could try switching the IGN on while holding OFF and AUTO for a few seconds, but I think this just resets the flaps?

Maybe you just need to pay more money and go somewhere else, rather than letting this clown cause more problems.!
omega climate control - RobertH
Thanks for that I did take it to someone else on saturday on recomendation of my local garage very freindly and helpful. rechecked put a bit more refridg in but he said it had an air lock i did think that no air could get in but, its working perfect now and just charged me £30 so im happy. the other idiot will not be on my list of repairers.

omega climate control - Dave N
You can't have an airlock in an a/c system. Infact, there should be no air in it whatsoever. If there were, you'd be getting a few other problems.

So he added a bit more gas? How much, and how did he know how much was already on there? Did he recover and recharge?

I think the second man was the idiot for coming out with bull and just adding more gas without knowing how much was already there.

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