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Audi A6 (old shape) vs Passat - arnold2
Just had a go in a 1 year Audi A6 - impressions:
1. Just like the Passat inside, plastics no better quality
2. Drives just like the Passat
3. Can't see the point of the 2.5tdi (the one I was in) - the 1.9 130bhp tdi seems just as pockey (maybe slightly noiseir on startup)

Why pay all that extra, then ?!

Same applies to the Skoda Superb, I suppose

More importantly, can't understand why it's compared to the 5-series ... I had an older 5 series once ... far nicer car, both on interior and ride & handling .....

Anyone else any thoughts ? With the new Passat out soon, I should think the old one will become a bit of a bargain, s/h, by next year...
Audi A6 (old shape) vs Passat - SjB {P}
... Can't see the point of the 2.5tdi (the one I was in) - the 1.9 130bhp tdi seems just as pockey ...

That surprises me.

A friend has a Passat 130 tdi, which the Vectra GSi Estate I previously owned would blow in to the weeds at any speed you name, with both engines working in their optimum range for performance.

On the other hand, I once had to screw the heart out the GSi to overtake an A6 2.5tdi that was dawdling at 40MPH in a 60 limit, and put his foot down as I pulled out for the overtake... I comforted myself with the fact that 'it must have been chipped', until my brother purchased his Volvo V70 D5 which is similarly quick in 'A' road driving.
Audi A6 (old shape) vs Passat - Phil G
I agree - there isn't much benefit to be had from the 150bhp V6 tdi other than refinement. The extra weight (considerable) of the engine blunts the 150bhp and it isn't much faster than the 130 PD TDI in the A6. Also many 130PD engines are putting out more than that and can be chipped for big power gains. However, in Quattro Sport trim the V6 TDI is 180bhp and its a different story...
Audi A6 (old shape) vs Passat - madf
Since the Passat is based on the A4 chassis and the A6 is bigger and heavier than the A4 you are comapring apples and ornages.

Trouble is : all Audis and VW s have steering which feels it is detached from the world by a long bit of rubber band.

If you like steering feel and directnes, don't buy one: all models are the same I believe. certainly the S4 and S3 I tried felt no better.

Ford make better chassis.

And Audi spares and servicing are expensive.
And their reliability is pooor.

Other than that I have no criticsms except their diesels feel like those fitted to tractors or very old Land Rovers - as far as refinement - NVH -is concerned.

I would never own another until those above failings are sorted but my wife liked the cabin finish and the A4 was comfortable except for the engine harshness.


Audi A6 (old shape) vs Passat - quizman
madf you are talking rubbish.
I am a farmer and have driven many tractors and combines.
My passat 130 is nothing like an agricultural machine, it is brilliant. Since buying, it has not gone wrong at all.
Even HJ has got it wrong, he says Ford TDCis are better!
Total nonsence, my wife's Focus TDCi cannot live with my smashing quiet fast frugal reliable Passat.
Audi A6 (old shape) vs Passat - Malcolm_L
Both the 130 and the 150 TDI can put out more, depends how they're run in, type of driving, etc. This also applies to the Ford TDCI (and probably other TDI's) which has been dyno'd at up to 149ps in standard tune.
They can all be chipped for extra driveability.

The V6 offers a different type of driving experience which some folks prefer, personally, I think it doesn't offer enough of a difference for the extra costs involved.
Audi A6 (old shape) vs Passat - Halmer
I thought that the Passat had the same chassis as the A6 not the A4 (surely).
Audi A6 (old shape) vs Passat - mikeyb
A4, A6, and passat all the same chassis.

A lot of people dont like the driving experience offered by Audi, but my A6 2.8 Quattro and A4 1.8 are by far the best cars I have owned. The detached steering only becomes a problem when you are always driving on the limit, and the very sensitive brakes are fine when you get used to them.

The comments on reliability I find hard to understand - my A4 had 150K on it, and the only mechanical parts to be replaced were the front wishbones. only other costs were servicing and tyres / brakes. Similar experience with the A6, although only had 100K when I sold it.
Audi A6 (old shape) vs Passat - madf
My A4 (110TDI SE) faults in 30k miles (70k to 100k miles on clock - one prior owner FSH)
catalyst failed
air conditioning condenser failed
top hose detached after Audi service
timing belt tensioner failing at 100k after ostensible replacement at 60k miles
2 new front wishbones
when serviced, oil was left on undertray leaving a pool of oil on my garage floor (not a leak.. overspill from filter change)- not once but twice (Audi service)
Battery failed at 95k (4 years old)..

At the last I gave up. I could see a continuation of big bills.



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