Mobile Speed Cameras - Andy
Does anybody know the URL address where the Police publish the locations of their mobile speed cameras each week?

By the way, what happens if you are "caught" by one which is not, for whatever reason, in its advertised place? I assume that you still collect the points and pay the fine, so will the Police draw us into a false sense of security by advertising certain locations and then change them without warning? I would not put it past them as, presumably, there is no legal comeback. This leads me to wonder why they publish the locations at all, as it would be wrong to deter people from speeding only when there is a possibility of being caught and to allow people to speed if they know in advance, by checking the URL address, that they are likely to get away with it. As far as I am aware, this is not the purpose of speed cameras.

Re: Mobile Speed Cameras - Alwyn
The purpose of speed cameras is revenue raising.

They are nothing to do with safety and conclusions drawn from the recent trials which claimed to prove their effectiveness in reducing fatalities was shown by Cardif University statisticians to be lies.

In fact, in year 2000 with 4300 speed cameras in place across UK, fatalities fell by just 14. They have been falling on average by 150 per year since 1962 with no help from cameras.

Since 1991 when Gatsos first appeared, casualties have increased from 307,000 to 320,000 in year 2000.

If they have to lie to make a case, they have no case.

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Over the weekend someone torched our local speed camera.
The camera box is now more black than grey.
Police and fire engines in all directions, road closed whilst a car was driven over the limit to check the sensors.
Tragic ! :-)

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