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VW Passat-poor radio reception - Andy Paul
I have just acquired a 1997 VW Passat that has very poor radio reception. I have tried a replacement roof mounted aeriel from VW but this did not help. I have also substituted the lead from the radio to the aeriel, but still no good. If I connect another aeriel to the radio I get perfect reception. I could fit another aeriel somewhere on the vehicle but there must be something else I can do. Any suggestions? Local VW dealer was no help at all.

Thanks in advance

Re: VW Passat-poor radio reception - Jon
Is it a sony?

All the sony stereos I have owned have had awful radio, but excellent cd, md and tapes. This applies to both car and home ones.

Re: VW Passat-poor radio reception - Andrew Barnes
which band do you have the problem with, is it FM?

Re: VW Passat-poor radio reception - Andy Paul
This is a Sony radio and the problem is on FM.

Re: VW Passat-poor radio reception - Brian M
This was one of the subjects on Mike Rutherford's show (TalkSport last Friday). Apparantly German cars have a problem with AM radio reception in the UK as the wiring is fed through the main loom. Hope this helps!
Re: VW Passat-poor radio reception - Michael Thomas
Check the earth connection of the aerial to the bodywork of the car.

I don't agree with Sony reception, I owned loads of them and they've always picked up. Any radio that can pick up Virgin FM in Maidenhead is pretty good in my book.
Re: VW Passat-poor radio reception - Andrew Hamilton
I think there may be an adjustment at the back of the radio. This is a small capacitor to reduce the mismatch of the aerial impedance. Also do basic checks for resistance of aerial to radio and aerial earth to radio earth. I am assuming the connection is coax otherwise losses will be large!
Re: VW Passat-poor radio reception - Colin M
Take out the interior light under the aerial position and look for a small electronic box of tricks. It is a small signal amplifier. Check that it is still getting it's 12v supply.

If you don't want to go to the expense of replacing it if faulty, then simply remove it and solder the antenna feed together.

Re: VW Passat-poor radio reception - Lee H
Further to what Brian was said, Radio 5 (or was it radio 4..) was saying similar things.

I've been driving a new golf cabrio on & off lately, and the reception is terrible, can't get anything on MW, and the FM reception is a bit ropey.

We're almost at the point of just replacing the whole radio (just out of warranty), but will that solve the problem? Oh, the current one is VW badged, says Beta on it, it's RDS, etc

I really miss the football coverage on R5!

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