Citroen Xantia Keypad Immobiliser - margie
Having problems with the Citroen Xantia Keypad Immobiliser. This started after car standing for a week. I type in the correct code when the red light is flashing, the green light comes on but the red light fails to go off and the engine is still immobilised. When you take the key out of the ignition only the green light remains on for a short while.

Wondering if anyone has experienced similar problems and is there any advice out there please. If not some tips on car arson might be appreciated!!!!
Citroen Xantia Keypad Immobiliser - Mondaywoe
Have you tried opening and closing the doors a few times with the 'PLIP' - maybe it isn't actually cancelling the alarm/immobiliser. It's some time since I sold my Xantia now, but I think it says something about sequences of lights in the handbook. Isn't it the case that it locks off for an hour or so if the wrong code is repeatedly entered? Are you sure you are using the correct code? I know this sounds daft, but I've seen me entering the right code day upon day, year upon year (every!) day - without consciously thinking - more a sort of learned response. Then after a break when the car was off the road I would come back and not be able to remember it, simply because I had to think!

Another possibility is that you have inadvertently tried to enter a new code and haven't finished the sequence.Check that out.

Low batteries can play funny tricks with Xantia immobilisers and alarms. I was once 'locked out' because the battery was flat(ish) A breakdown truck came and jump started it (all was fine) The following morning the alarm went off and wouldn't shut up EVEN AFTER DISCONNECTING THE BATTERY! (The alarm has its own battery!) I had to drive 10 miles with the alarm going to get a new battery. That solved the problem.

Is the car still on the 'factory code' (My one was for all of its 9 years!) Try putting that in - maybe it 'reverted'.

Disconnecting the battery - waiting a minute - then reconnecting might clear the memory, but only do this if you know the radio code.

If you haven't already done so, I'd have a dekko at the handbook. If you're still stuck another good source of info is the Xantia forum on Yahoo groups.

Good luck!

Citroen Xantia Keypad Immobiliser - margie
Thanks for that Graeme.

Tried all those things you mentioned and lights was sometimes coming on and sometimes staying off. Totally temperamental....

Anyway in sheer desperation I assumed that the keypad must be faulty so went to scrap yard and got another after reading that the code is stored in the ECU. The new keypad behaved in similar fashion and I was at the point of giving it a kick as the system reset was ineffective as well.

We also read that if you get the car going to disconnect the keypad when its going. As we managed to get it started every now and again, but as sods law would have it when you need it to start it wont. So whipped off the battery again to charge.

Then my mate perservered we switched the engine on and typed in the code both lights came on as usual. He then sat with the keypad in his hand and kept moving the cable that connected into it just teasing it in and out till just the green light came on. It took a while but got it to go on and I started the car.

He quickly disconnected the keypad and its been right as rain ever since!

Thanks for your help, some of your previous comments on this site was most helpful too.


PS. you think I should get rid??? lol
Citroen Xantia Keypad Immobiliser - margie
Oh yeah forgot, now my radio does not work - any suggestions on how to get the code for that sorted out?? I bought the car second hand and have no manual.


Citroen Xantia Keypad Immobiliser - Dynamic Dave
Oh yeah forgot, now my radio does not work - any
suggestions on how to get the code for that sorted out??

Your Citroen dealer *should* have records of it if it's still the factory fit unit.

Citroen Xantia Keypad Immobiliser - Mondaywoe
Hi Margie

Your Cit dealer should be able to trace the radio code through your registration number, but they might deny all responsibility! If you're really stuck, contact Graeme Davidson at Graeme (another one!) is a friend of mine and one of the most knowledgeable technicians I've ever come across. He sorted out a very obscure fault in my Xantia radio and re-soldered the plips for me.