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The second hand market - Alastair
Over the last few weeks I have been looking for a replacement car. When I last did this, I remember having to be at the newsagent at sunrise for the autotrader and start calling anything decent by 8.00 at the latest or you would be beaten to it. This time, there have been very few cars around (comparatively) and you can phone on the following Tuesday and still get a viewing. They just ain't shifting. I managed to get a M reg E320 estate for £1200 below the lowest Parkers value. Yes highish mileage (140k), but it's a silver Merc and seemingly a good one. (I will know what I missed as it's in for a service/check next week).
Is it just my imagination or is it dead out there?
Re: The second hand market - Bill Doodson

How much did you pay, and is it a 7 seat?

Re: The second hand market - David W
Interesting as I've been trying to help a customer with a deal today. If you are trying to sell a middle-exec range family car/people carrier and it's a petrol over 100,000mls be prepared for some gruesome offers.

If you want to buy the same vehicle in diesel form with sensible mileage be prepared to beg the dealer for the right to go on his list.

In this price range/model type diesel is the fuel of today.

Re: The second hand market - zak
I'm a trader also (based Cheshire), and it strikes me that the bread & butter stuff (Fords etc) just won't sell anymore, but the prestige stuff is doing well - incl. big engined cars.

Ever wondered why Ford & Vauxhall bother building their cars so well these days - they're worth nothing at 10 years old, Yet punters still don't buy them.
Re: The second hand market - Alastair

I paid £5,500. It doesn't have 7 seats or leather, but a very clean black/charcoal cloth with air, e/s/r and e/m. Visually, it is spotless and no nasty noises or the usual head gasket leaks (that I can tell so far!).
Re: The second hand market - ROBIN
A good car at a sane price,in fact.
You did well,and you can probably afford the odd little difficulty!

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