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Rover 200: noisy gear changes - Roger Jones
I posted this at perhaps too quiet a time on the list and received no responses other than one about a leaking Xantia! So, here goes again:

My partner's P-reg Rover 200 turbo diesel (67k on the clock) makes a grinding noise when she changes gear from second to third and from third to fourth, a noise that is not audible on any other gear change, even down the box between the same gears. Any clues as to what may be causing this?
Re: Rover 200: noisy gear changes - David W

I did pop this on your old thread today, hate to see anyone left without an answer but did appreciate the crafty conversion to a Xantia topic. ;-)

Author: David W (
Date: 18-10-01 09:27

Are you sure this is a gearbox noise and not an exhaust resonance that occurs as the revs dip slightly between upshifts.

If not it does sound like a box problem and an exchange may be required.

Have you checked the oil level or thought about changing the oil as a cheap long shot?

Re: Rover 200: noisy gear changes - honest john
Worn out synchromesh between 2nd and 3rd and 3rd and 4th.

Re: Rover 200: noisy gear changes - Richard Hall
I would tend to agree with HJ. The reason it only shows on upshifts and not down may just be due to driving style. When I was learning to drive, the instructor tried very hard to get me to slow down 'by the book', i.e. brake first, then select an appropriate gear when you have finished braking - a process which tends to make for slower downshifts, plus all the gears will be rotating more slowly, hence less chance of beating the synchromesh. Try changing quickly from 4th to 3rd at about 45mph as you slow down for a roundabout - if you get a crunch, then that would confirm the diagnosis. You can either change the gearbox, or learn to drive around the problem (much slower upshifts, with a distinct pause in between gears, should do it)
Re: Rover 200: noisy gear changes - Cliff Pope
Or learn to double-declutch.

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