VW Golf oil question & coolant question - Matt Kelly
You may remember that I had the oil cooler break on my MkII Golf GTI recently. It didn't occur to me at the time but the two oil changes prior to the failure had been done using a semi-synthetic, the Quantum stuff that VW sell at dealerships. As far as I could tell all previous oil in the car had been mineral but I thought that it would be a good idea to change to semi-synthetic (not fully synth as it's an old car & I didn't want to dislodge any accumulated rubbish, knacker seals etc.). Does anyone think that the change in oil type was a contributory factor or just coincidence ?

And now the coolant question. The hose from the top of the radiator to the expansion tank is looking a bit worn so I was thinking of replacing it at the weekend - would I have to drain the whole cooling system ? If so I might leave it as I haven't really got anywhere to work on the car & the coolant was renewed at the time of the oil cooler repair so it's not like it could do with changing.

Any advice gratefully received.
Re: VW Golf oil question & coolant question - Mark S
It is not unknown for these oil coolers to fail, I doubt it has anything to do with yor choice of oil.
You should be able to change the coolant hose with minimal loss of coolant,although it might pay to drain,flush & refill the system with new coolant with winter approaching;use a quality coolant though.
Re: VW Golf oil question & coolant question - Reverend Pickled Onion
Watch it ! you'll run the risk of getting air in the system and the heater won't work, leave well alone dear chap
Re: VW Golf oil question & coolant question - Matt Kelly
That's what I was worried about, getting air in. I think I'll leave it.

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