Dolomite exhaust - Andrew
Sorry if this wrong forum but recently badly damaged my exhaust on a sleeping policeman. Have botched it at a nearby garage whose owner said 'pity you didn't come in last year - I scrapped a few stainless Dolomite systems 'cos nobody wanted them'. Is anyone else considering doing this? I live in Sheffield and my system has a central silencer box and a back box which is located at right angles to the carside. The back box is supplied from the exhaust pipe which loops over the backaxle.
Re: Dolomite exhaust - Richard Hall
A couple of years ago I managed to destroy the exhaust on a Dolomite belonging to a complete stranger. I saw the car parked up in a layby - cream coloured Dolomite 1850 with a blown head gasket. I was heading for home with a flatbed trailer in tow, and offered to trailer the Dolomite to the owner's house as it wasn't far off my route. I had winched the car about half way on when there was a scraping sound followed by a loud bang. The (brand new) exhaust centre box had caught on the back edge of the trailer, which had cut a hole in the box, before one of the joints gave way and the whole exhaust fell off. For an old fashioned upright saloon, it's amazing how little ground clearance a Dolomite has.

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