Toyota Picnic value - Tim
Anyone got access to a "Trade Bible" Glass's guide? I am looking to buy my Picnic from Leaseplan but I get the feeling they over value the cars compared to what a dealer would charge for one, or what it would fetch at auction.

It is a Jan 98 S plate GLS Auto with CD 2.0 petrol, Met paint, 60K miles, FSH of course, and it has not been in any accidents or shunts. Windscreen has a few chips out of it, and there are a few stone chips on the body. It still runs well and has had one fault with the remote locking fixed under warranty.

Leaseplan gave me a figure of £9,800 and said that include an early return penalty so it would be a bit cheaper. What Car used price guide suggests it would be £1500 - £2000 less than that because of the mileage.


Re: Toyota Picnic value - honest john
Mileage-adjusted Glass's Guide is £8,000 trade; £9,550 retail. But you're not buying retail. Leaseplan will run its cars past the block week after week at auction until it gets what it thinks it can get for them. I don't think they'll get more than £8k at auction so if you offer them £8,500 you should get the car.

Re: Toyota Picnic value - Tim
Thanks for the rapid response HJ - much appreciated! I will give it a go at £8.5K and see what happens.

Glass's Guide online - PhiL P
You can actually view Glass's Guide prices online if you visit and go to the Used Cars then Used Car Price Guides section.
Re: Glass's Guide online - Andrew Hamilton
Interesting have noted that site down. I remember checking prices at and some time ago though!

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