Trying to buy a Leon Cupra R ! - Badger8

I am considering purchasing the 225PS Leon Cupra R. However, I cannot find a dealer anywhere in the London area willing to negotiate on the £18,015 asking price. Has anyone had a positive experience with a SEAT dealer or trustworthy importer who will negotiate?!

Also, I have heard that an all new Leon will be coming out later this year. Does anyone know if the NEW Leon Cupra R will be worth waiting for? The SEAT dealers I have spoken to say better to buy now as new one may take at least 18 months - but call me sceptical, aren't they just trying to make sales targets now?

Many thanks
Trying to buy a Leon Cupra R ! - No Do$h
Whenever VAG launch a new model, it is usually at least 12 months before we see the "hot" versions in RHD. The dealers are telling the truth, methinks.

As for dealers in the London area, try SMC in Datchet, on the way out to Slough. They gave my brother a reasonable deal last year (can't recall the details) so have to be worth a try.
Trying to buy a Leon Cupra R ! - Wilco {P}

Worth a look on - take a look at the Leon forum. One post mentions a company

I've never had any dealings so don't take this as an endorsement/recommendation - might be useful as a starting point for negotiation with your dealer.

New Leon is pencilled for 2005, rumour has it that the performance versions will be amongst the last to appear.
Trying to buy a Leon Cupra R ! - SteveT
I think it'll be very difficult to get a discount on the Cupra R because reputedly each dealer only has an allowance of 6 cars per year. Obviously they find ways around it but the car is in such demand and such restricted supply that there's no need to discount.

I was looking at getting a 2nd hand one but was put off by how much dealers wanted for them - near list on 18 month old cars (last year the list price was 1K less).
Trying to buy a Leon Cupra R ! - runboy
What Car? magazine run there 'target price' scheme, and they show all Leon Cupra's at around £1k off list.

The idea is you show the magazine to the dealer, and if he can not match the price quoted, phone What Car? and they will put you in touch with a dealer who can. Might be worth a look next time you are in WH Smiths.

Good luck-I had one of the first Leon's when they came out-lovely car and still would buy one over the Audi A2 I had (absolute rubbish, twice) and my present Toyota Corolla (OK, could be better though).
Trying to buy a Leon Cupra R ! - Wilco {P}
A recent post on the SeatCupra board mentions a price of £17200 from seatcarsdirect - links as above. Obviously you'll need to verify this -sounds like as good a deal as you might get if supplies are restricted.

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