Cracked windscreen - John Regin
Car picked up a small crack (centre of passenger side) on Friday. Autowindsreens (insurance co's operator) are coming to repair/replace Monday. It's £60 excess for replacement, FOC for repair, so my cynical view is they will push for replacement. So - what is the max size that can be repaired, can a crack be repaired? It's only 1/2" long (at the moment, bound to spread?).

Thanks, Jack
Re: Cracked windscreen - Dan Jeffery
Similar thing happened to me. If it is a stone chip (ie not a crack) - a 'bullet' type mark on the windscreen it can be repaired however with any sort of crack whatsoever there is no other option than to have it replaced. You're also right that it will spread, and probably very quickly especially if you drive at motorway speeds. I do wonder at how many people actually ever end up with a repairable stone chip!

Bit of a cheek charging £60 excess - My windscreen only cost £90 to have replaced, I bet many others aren't much more than that...

Good luck getting it sorted!
Re: Cracked windscreen - T lucas
Often depends how good/bothered the operator is,they can repair cracks but often dont try very hard.Some green folding stuff can usually make a difference!
Re: Cracked windscreen - Nicholas Moore
£60 excess is a good deal if you have a Jag S-type. Autocar's test Jag is now on its third windscreen, and the last one cost over £500 because of the built in rain sensor.
Re: Cracked windscreen - Jonathan
What car is it?

It may be worth looking in a scrapyard for a replacement one there, bound to be much cheaper than a new. However, this depends on the car. Some screens are glued in place, rather than being set in the rubber surround. My brother and I changed a rear screen on a mk1 fiesta years ago, not too difficult, just stuck strong string in the rubber and pulled it out to get the lip to go around the frame.


Re: Cracked windscreen - honest john
Your nightmare starts if they break the paint on the windscreen surround when replacing the screen. If they do, then put back the rubber trim, you'll have a rust hold there in a couple of years time.

Re: Cracked windscreen - PhiL P
I picked up a big stone chip in the electrically heated windscreen of my Focus within a week of purchasing it. My insurance includes free repair and true to their word Autoglass came to my home and all that remains of the chip is a tiny mark that looks like a speck of rain to the untrained eye, no charge!
Re: Cracked windscreen - John Regin
The guy turned up with the wrong windscreen, so he repaired it! - makes you wonder?

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