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Spanish Austin Victoria - Reverend Pickled Onion
In my line of work I travel to Spain often. in Bilbao I had noticed a car parked across the street from our offices which looked like a triumph Dolomite crossed with an Austin 1100. the badges said Austin Victoria.

Can anyone give me some more information about this car ? I'd say it was at least 25 years old, I have spoken to the elderly owner who still uses it regularly but says he wants to replace it. - he bought it in 1974 and says can no longer get any parts for it.

Has it any value if I was to buy it and bring it here? Ive never seen another one like it. It is a kind of Harvest gold colour and seems to be in very good condition for its age.
Re: Spanish Austin Victoria - ladas are cool
search the internet for this kind of car, and if you cant find anything, chances are not many are about, because if its not on the internet, where else are you going to find info on the car. plus if nobody knows about these cars, then you might find it hard to get insurance.
Re: Spanish Austin Victoria - honest john
Page 113 of the Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile (which at £200 will cost you more than the car). They were assembled in Spain by AUTHI (Automoviles de Turismo Hispano Ingleses) of Landaben Navarra. Basically a Morris/Austin 1100/1300 with Triumph boot panels grafted on. They were also built as the Austin Apache in South Africa. Front and back body parts will be a problem, but nothing much else should be.

Re: Spanish Austin Victoria - Tomo
Should have been the Austin ZULU in South Africa?

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