VW PASSAT TDI - Service Intervals - John Poller
I have just bought a new VW Passat TDI 130, which I intend to keep for 4 or 5 years. Typically I do 30,000 miles per year. The manual recommends a 10,000 service interval, but I have read that I ought to change the oil & filter more often.

When should I have the first done ? and what you recommend in terms of regular servicing ? What brand or type of oil would you recommend ?
Re: VW PASSAT TDI - Service Intervals - andy bairsto
I think you will find that VW will tell you to use their oil specially designed for their cars.The more times you change the oil the longer the engine will last.We had a tdi golf on a project and it never had a oil change in 140000km and it went ok .They enventually changed it when it would not pass the emission test.
Re: VW PASSAT TDI - Service Intervals - Ray
If servicing is the same as the latest Audi's you have a choice , yearly or 10k between servicing which ever is soonest , or for your mileage the electronics on board monitor your driving habits & calculate when a service is due . This can usually be displayed .(i forget the term they use for it) Effectively it means you can go upto about 20k before servicing but the service costs are higher and fully synthetic oil is used
VW PASSAT TDI - Service Intervals - David Lacey
As stated previously, don't bother, unless you intend keeping the car a LONG time.

If you are intent doing this, be sure to use the oil specified for the PD engine.
The will be severe wear problems associated with this excellent engines some time soon when Mr Backstreet charges the engine with 'normal' diesel engine oil.

Perhaps something to look out for in future. Full dealer SH will be worth its weight in gold for PD engined VW's.

Re: VW PASSAT TDI - Service Intervals - Reverend Pickled Onion
Why does this engine need special Oil ? does this apply to Peugeots and citroens fitted with the HDI engine ?
VW PASSAT TDI - Service Intervals - David Lacey
It's something to do with the cam operated (I think!) Pumpe-Duse (PD) Fuel Injectors.


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