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Receipt - Piers
What should I write in a receipt when selling a car - I couldn't find anything under 'selling a car privately' on the site.

'Sold as seen' is about as far as I've got.......

Re: Receipt - David W

It is usual to say something like....

Private sale without warranty and as seen (or inspected).

In law your car doesn't have to be fit for purpose, of merchantable quality or any of that. But what a private seller can be taken to court for is a false claim or misdescription. It isn't true that there is no comeback in private sales.

So what you put on the receipt needs to go hand in hand with what you said to the buyer, ie mention any major faults disclosed.

Re: Receipt - The Growler
I apply a "delivery receipt" document which embodies as Piers has said an "as is" where is clause:

"buyer's signature below attest to fact he has seen, driven and inspected the vehicle and is satisfied with its mechanical, bodily, and interior condition, and that the seller shall not be responsible for any defects after completion of sale".

I also get him to sign for toolkit, service history, spare wheel, license docs.

In addition, Bill of Sale where I am, must be drawn up according to a legal spec. inc. it must refer to both buyer's and seller's ID, that is it quotes their local community tax certificate number or passport number. Then all docs are signed and payment handed over in the presence of, and stamped by, a Notary Public. The police in my home country require this as a pre-requisite for ownership transfer at the Licensing Office, so it may not be relevant to your place. Might not be a bad idea though to have the buyer prove he says who he is, in the presence of independent witness, in view of what I read in Back Room about the number of buyers who don't register their cars or do so under false names in UK. Might save something coming back to haunt you.

The converse can be equally useful when buying second-hand I would have thought.

Seller also has to produce a police report stating vehicle is not the subject of any lien or encumbrance (e.g. a car on HP has to be so stated when registered, and a certficate loan has been cleared must be produced in order to legally sell. Even if car was bought for cash, same onus of proof on seller applies.

May not be specifically relevant for you in all cases, but might provide a few ideas on how to safeguard yourself.

Sorry if wordy, but hope it may help.
Re: Receipt - Guy Lacey
Do you actually have to give a receipt?

I have never done so - am I leaving myself open to a claim, etc?
Re: Receipt - Cuesey
No, you don't have to give a receipt - declining to lays a private seller open to no claim whatsoever.
Re: Receipt - THe Growler
How can the buyer prove it's his then?
Re: Receipt - Guy Lacey
I assume because you sign your part of the V5.

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