Despite wise words. - Dave
Despite wise words from those who know better I'm gonna give it a go with the Helicoil next Monday.

The heads' a gonner anyway. I'm sure a seeping gasket would be more obvious than a bit of rust on all 4 plugs so I'm gonna assume that *is* ok.

If the guy fails/wrecks the head I'm down 45 quid. If It succeds I've bought some time - possibly the lifetime of the car before I have to change the head.

If the swarf/floating helicoil kills the engine itself...

Well, I'm hoping aliminium filings against steel valves/pistons etc won't do that...

Anyone with a better plan in the meantime speak up!!!!
Re: Despite wise words. - mike harvey
Dave, you should not get the filings in the engine if the cutter is well enough greased to retain them. Good luck. We've just had a Metro sump plug done.

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