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Megane bonnet won't open. - davemar
I've got an old shape Megane ('98 model) and tried opening my bonnet this morning, but pulling the opening lever did nothing. I suspect the release cable has snapped or come loose. But I'm keen to open the damn thing and can't think how to attack it! Any ideas?
Megane bonnet won't open. - Andrew-T
Didn't someone report a problem like this about 6 weeks ago?
Megane bonnet won't open. - davemar
Just tried a quick search and couldn't find anything.
Megane bonnet won't open. - StuW
How old is it? Has it not been opened in a while? If not it may just be seized. It happened on my car the only way to open it was to reach under the bumper and between the radiator and fumble round until i found the cable and give it a good tug. Once its open give it a good spray with WD40 or something similiar not had any problems with it since.
Megane bonnet won't open. - davemar
I open the thing far too often, so it never gets the chance to seize! I had noticed it was getting harder to open recently, so maybe something has given way. Thanks for the tip on reaching up under the car, I'll try and give that a go. I've had a quick look at a friend's Megane to see where the release cable goes, so I've got some idea where things are now.
Megane bonnet won't open. - Dynamic Dave
Get someone to *gently* press down on the bonnet while you pull the release handle inside the car. I say gently otherwise they might end up denting the fizzy drinks can material that manufacturers cunningly disquise as bodywork these days.
Megane bonnet won't open. - davemar
Managed to get it open in the end last night. After lots of attempts of trying to pull the cable and not having any success, I managed to lever up the catch by squeezing an Allen key in the gap between the bonnet and bumper. In the end it was the locking mechanism that had seized up (as a previous poster had suggested) and the cable shroud becoming dislodged, so pulling the cable would do nothing. Plenty of WD40 and grease later the lock now moves freely and the bonnet is back to how it should be.

Finally checked my oil level in end, after all that!
Megane bonnet won't open. - MW
Please to see you got it open. A friend had exactly the same problem on a Megane Scenic. After much jiggling we got it open. The catch, springs, and mechanism were stiff and corroded on his 2 year old car. Much grease and WD 40 needed. I suspect the shape of the bonnet puts the mechanism in line with some sort of exposed airflow which drys out the catch etc. Water may also be a problem. Some cars seem to have have locks 'burried down' in more of a procted position.

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