Caravans - Marcus
Does anyone know of a Scrapyard in the Sheffield area which deals in parts for old caravans ? I am after some parts for an old - 1978 - Elddis mistral 2 berth which I have inherited - the wood frame of the door is rotten but the rest of it is apparently sound and It will cost more than this caravan is worth to buy a brand new door.

or maybe I will get the jigsaw out and try to make a new frame

Do people scrap old caravans or do they end up as hot dog stalls ?
Re: Caravans - ROBIN
Unless its curved,as in its been steamed,all you need is a bit of ash from your local woodstore.
Doesnt matter if your woodwork is a bit crap,using modern gap filling adhesives,once you put the panels back, you can emulate our wonderful medicos and bury your mistakes!
Caravans - David Lacey

There is no such thing as a caravan scrapyard - they usually end up stewn across the nearby M5 with alarming regularity. One such incident last week had the M5 Southbound carriageway closed for some considerable time and caused some traffic mayhem in the morning rush hour.

I guess they end up in the local council dump.



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