Front lower arm replacement - Andy
Mondeo TD Estate. (yes that one again with the probable fuel filter issue a few days ago). (I caused this problem before the filter seems to have gone worng but they are not linked)

In todays no blame culture I will say it was 50/50 but I dont really believe it !Anyway, I hit the kerb with a crunch. The tyre bod who checked the tracking and steering couldnt believe I had got away without much damage when he checked the alignment. In truth I did not get away with it but neither he nor all his colleagues spotted it. I am of course talking about the suspension arm, which they said seemed fine.

Finally (lacking all trust in anyone these days but knowing nothing myself I had a look and I can easily see it is twisted, god knows how they didnt. And not only that but two other goons in the main dealership that messed up the filter change did not see it either (I only went to the dealer as it is on the way to work, never again except to get them to fix the filter issue).

I checked it today from the rear and it is not easy to see due to no clear daylight behind of it, but looking from the front with daylight making it clear it is badly twisted. So, finally, to the point.

Any idea what sort of price I should be forking out to have this fixed. One off the cuff quote from a friend at work was about £40 for the part, so how many hours labour am I looking at?

Any ideas anyone?

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