Toyota Estima Enima Turbo - Lounge Lizard
I've owned the above Jap import for about 1 year and have been very pleased with it and would recommend it.

However, it appears to have a fault which no garage or petrol-head friend has been able to diagnose.

The car always starts first time, runs great, and has never broken down.

The car is a 2.2 diesel turbo: when the turbo is demanded a green light comes on in the dashboard to indicate normal turbo operation. From a cold start, the green light comes on & off as normal for about 20 minutes / 20 - 30 miles of driving.

However, then an orange light (next to the green turbo light) comes on and stays on: I think this might be a turbo failure indication light. When this orange light comes on then the green light stays off. I think the turbo is not working at this time: possibly there is a slight power loss (but I am not sure whether or not I am imagining this).

This condition will remain for the rest of the journey; but the cycle repeats next time the car is used.

I expect to have to pay to get it fixed; but when I've taken the car in for service (including at a Toyota main dealer) the garage people say they've found nothing wrong; probably because they haven't given it a long enough road test. Because the condition doesn't seem to be fatal; I don't push the issue.

Can anyone advise me? Thank you in anticipation.

Toyota Estima Enima Turbo - Dave N
I think the red light is telling you the wastegate is jammed, and your turbo is overboosting. If this was the case, you would probably suffer a performance boost, rather than a possible loss. It may well be that the same inlet manifold boost pressure sensor is used for both the green and red light, in which case it may be going faulty when hot. What you need is a wiring diagram to see if thats the case, and also get it nice and hot and then measure the boost pressure and compare it to spec to see if you're getting an overboost situation.
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