They are about! - Tomo
Rather than what has not been seen, what about reports on what has? I don't get about so much as a lot out there but I saw a Hillman Minx, about a 1500 or 1600 I would guess, last week. I had one once, and it had one great feature for its time; the heater output temperature varied immediately and exactly with the control movement as soon as the car was hot.
There are one or two Minors in everyday use around Dundee, one as a pickup.

Selling old car:- "Can't give you much for that, they could hardly sell them when new......"

A month or two later, in advertisement:- ".....this rare and much sought after model......"
Re: They are about! - ROBIN
I remember it well,the Rootes group products of that time were considerably better than their compettitors,even if not exactly sporting.
Re: They are about! - ROBIN
Twas a rebodied Dyane,and the later ones had the flat 4 engine ,this made it shift!
I also saw one lately,but I cant remaember whether it was in France or England!
Re: They are about! - Ian Cook
On Saturday I saw a Citroen Ami, at least that's what I think it was. Side profile was vaguely DS like but the back end had a reverse sloping windscreen (a la Ford Anglebox) and I think it was an air cooled jobbie.
Re: They are about! - Mark (Brazil)
Last weekend in Rio, an Austin 1100/1300. How on earth did it end up over here ?

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