Mondeo Starting Problem - t.seager
I have a Ford Mondeo 1.8 Hatchback 1997 P reg.

At the last service in Dec 2003 I reported a starting problem. The starter motor and solenoid was found to be faulty and a new one fitted. It did not solve the problem.

Despite several return visits and tests, including an electrical test, the garage cannot find the cause.

When I start the car at random one of three things happens:-

1. It starts normally first time.

2. It causes a grinding noise under the bonnet near what used to be called the distributor (Of course this appears to be a sealed unit)

3. Silence (Nothing happens at all)

Up to now the car has eventually started and it runs normally with no problem at all.

At the suggestion of Honest John I have changed the leads but this has not solved the problem.

Can anyone help.

Mondeo Starting Problem - frostbite
Only thing that springs to mind is an intermittent poor earth but you may have covered that in the leads change you mention?
Mondeo Starting Problem - Mark (RLBS)
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Mondeo Starting Problem - t.seager
Thanks very much for your help.
Mondeo Starting Problem - Big John

This really sounds like an earth problem. When it next fails to start try connecting a single jump lead between the "-" battery terminal and some metal-work on the engine.
Mondeo Starting Problem - t.seager
Thanks very much for your help

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