Skoda Felicia coolant leak - volvoman
Hi Gang, Mrs V's beloved P regn. Felicia has developed a small coolant leak. In fact, it looks as though it may have been there on/off for quite a while since there is some minor rusting where the fluid has collected over time and seeped down between the metalwork behind the front bumper.
Looking down on the radiator there are 2 entry points on the bottom left hand side, the lower for a 1.5" approx. rubber hose secured with a jubilee clip and the upper one for some form of sensor (thermostat??). The leak appears to be weeping out from the point where the sensor? screws into the radiator. Would it be safe/wise to just try to tighten it a little or is more drastic action required? Thanks all :-)
Skoda Felicia coolant leak - pienmash
try screwing it back with a ickle bit of ptfe tape or silicone sealant round the threads,then screw it back and no leak.
Skoda Felicia coolant leak - volvoman
Thanks very much P&M - I'll give it a try :-)

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