ROBIN - Andy P
Will you please TURN YOUR CAPS LOCK OFF!!!!
Re: ROBIN - Dave Marshall
robin=chris tw@tface
Re: ROBIN - Stu
Well spotted.
Re: ROBIN - ladas are cool
you are wrong, chris is 'ladas are cool', not robin.
Re: ROBIN - Dan
I don't think ROBIN is Chris he writes differently. But how come he can't see his own case reversal especially where capitals become lower.
Re: ROBIN - Michael
The caps reversal could be an expression of style/independence or it could be a deliberate way of irritating people, either way it detracts from what have otherwise been good posts.
Sorry about the caps,concentrate on the words!
Re: ROBIN - paul
Sad link, chap(esses).
HIGHER lower's just the same.

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