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hi all,

will be going to Hong Kong for 6-12 months would like to be able to drive overthere , will i need an international driving licence?...can i sort that out while i am over there?...I have been to the DVLA website , cannot find what i want. I currently hold a full uk driving licence (paper based version rather then the ID card version) any info would be great......


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Suggest you contact the Chinese Embassy,49-51 Portland Place, London, W1N 4JL

E-Mail :

to clear whether your Domestic Licence will cover you during your stay and have this confirmed in writing if Yes.

They should give you information as what would be valid and what they require in relation to driving in their country. Visa?

Take note that SARS is erupting again in that Country.


International Driving Licence - Dwight Van Driver
As you were:

According to

Scroll halfway down page

Chinese Driving Licence required.
Available by changing your Domestic Licence?
Internation DL not accepted

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As an ex-Honkers resident and frequent visitor there I suggest not even bothering. Distances are small and traffic is heavy, while public transport -- MTR, bus, tram is the best, most efficient, quickest, safest, cleanest and cheapest on Planet Earth, with the possible exception of Singapore. With all the hills, walking is also a good way to get fit!

I had a Toyota Crown 6 cyl company car and did about 3,500 km in 2 years. Parking was a PITA as was traffic and it was always quicker to take the MTR.

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All the info you need is here.

Althought they say it is ok to use your UK licence if your stay is less than 12 months, insurance companies might not accept it.

Try contacting these guys to check

If you need to get a HK licence, you can get a direct issue (no test, just take in UK licence and docs) HK$900(£65) for a ten year licence


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