noisy steering jeep cherokee - julie
First I will prempt what you are probably thinking, that I'm a silly cow!

Took delivery of a new Jeep Cherokee in December. Got a fabulous price and the rookie salesman accidentally included top of the range alloys for free. On delivery noticed all four alloys were not perfect and was told they had been in storage for a while and would be re-polished at a later date. Do alloys "go off" in storage or have I been palmed off with a second hand set.

In addition alarming moaning/grinding noise sometimes on steering, is this normal for the model or am I being fobbed off again. Am steeling myself to complain to Jeep, any suggestions would be appreciated.


noisy steering jeep cherokee - billy25
hi julie,

apart from gathering a coating of dust, i wouldn't think that alloys would "go off" to the extent of being tarnished or blotchy, and on a new vehicle i would think that the dealer would have given them a good polish before collection of vehicle anyway. it sounds rather like upon realising his "accident" the rookies bosses have decided to try and "honor" the mistake at the cheapest level, and fitted "seconds". on the steering side of things, i would suggest you do no more than check the fluid level in the power steering pump, if this is correct (there is usually a small dipstick attached to the plug), then whip it back to them at the first opportunity (is there a warranty?) complaining about both issues loudly.

dont let them fob you off with the line, "you do get injun noises from cherokee's" :-)

good luck

noisy steering jeep cherokee - terryb

Is the noise constant or intermittent? My Grand Cherokee occasionally moans when going onto full left hand lock at slow speeds - I put it down to the power stering fighting for pressure. Never does it on RH lock though. It's having its last service in the warranty period soon, so I'll get it checked and let you know. I do know there's a known feature with earlier models which has a fix - don't know if this applies to the Cherokee too.

Have a look at

that covers the Grand Cherokee - don't know if there's an equivalent site for your model.

Hope that helps
noisy steering jeep cherokee - Aprilia
Can't see why new alloys should look anything other than perfect. They are coated with a very hard protective lacquer. Sound like a secondhand set to me.

Power steering should be silent in operation, other than at full lock when you might get a grumble from it.
There have been cases where noises have been heard due to the metal pipes vibrating (some Ford Galaxy).
I would take it back and get it inspected.
noisy steering jeep cherokee - julie

Many thanks for your reply.

Noise is intermittent and especially on left hand lock.

Just stumbled upon an american site, which lists all expected maintenance problems, recalls and technical service bulletins for all US cars. Just typed in Jeep and a fake ZIP code and hey presto.
Apparently a rear disc brake problem. A bit worrying all the other possible faults listed though.

noisy steering jeep cherokee - terryb
An update as promised.

Steering "honk" is a known problem on the GC and as there's a Technical Service Bulletin on it it should be fixed free of charge. Academic for me as I've still got a couple of months' warranty to go. Mine goes back next Friday for the cure - which is a modified power steering fluid pipe.

Smile sweetly and a main dealer may do the same for your Cherokee!

noisy steering jeep cherokee - pienmash
alloys only tarnish when there been on a car for years ,steering side could just need filling ,i would go back huney and ask weather they could sort out your problem nicely,if they dont im sure sumone on this site will tell how to sort them out
noisy steering jeep cherokee - Marcos{P}
Alloys can tarnish very quickly if defective. My alloys on my Merc developed small blemishes so I showed them to the dealership and they promptly ordered 4 new alloys and fitted them.
Don't take any rubbish from the dealer, they probably think they can baffle you with salesman and technical rubbish but at the end of the day you spent your hard earned cash on a car and you deserve perfection.


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