Sierra starter motor - pete t
Afternoon all
The brother's 1990 sierra (1.8 cvh) wouldn't start last night; instead fo turning the engine over, all the starter does is spin. Taken it off today, tested it and seems to work (spins and the toothed gear moves out). Have also tried another good starter motor and still get nothing beyond the starter itself spinning. The solenoid can be heard clicking as it should, have connected another battery to eliminate a power problem and am running out of ideas. The ring gear on the flywheel looks alright, tried turning the engine over by hand to get onto a different bit of the flywheel, and am still left with the impression that the motor is not engaging with the ring gear. Erm, don't know why though. Ideas, better yet solutions accepted gratefully.
Thanks all
Sierra starter motor - pete t
Slight addendum
Forgot to say that the car will actually run if you can muster the energy to bump start it.
Sierra starter motor - Cliff Pope
Poor engine earth, or battery earth?

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