Radio not working - Fiat Punto - StevenM
My son who has just collected his 1996 N reg Punto has found the radio cassette does not function properly.
When turning the power on the radio plays but none of the related controls work. E.G cannot change stations,volume and tone contols do not work,station seeking buttons do not work-in fact all of them.It seems the radio is jammed/locked on one station.The cassette does play and fast forwards/rewinds but like the radio the volume and tone controls do not work.
The model is DC 349/64 according to the handbook.
Are the electonics up the spout and is it worth trying to get it repaired
Radio not working - Fiat Punto - pienmash
get a decent one that works,there cheap enough nowadays and well easy to fit....good luck ,try getting 100 pounds back from the person /shop who you bought the car off
Radio not working - Fiat Punto - Civic8
It won`t be worth repairing.But they are now very cheap to buy new.My dads radio display went on him yesterday to get a new one fitted cost more than a replacement.I bought for him a cd radio for £70 sounds better as well.check out cheap in there.
Radio not working - Fiat Punto - Sooty Tailpipes
I seem to recall they had a small removeable panel which included the buttons you are talking about, I seem to recall that on Watchdog (BBC) someone was quoted something like £90 by the FIAT dealer, and found out who made it and they sold them one for £12,
Radio not working - Fiat Punto - pmh
Long shot, but check that no buttons are stuck down. If mechanically sticky try a squirt of WD40 (but keep out of tape player).

pmh (was peter)
Radio not working - Fiat Punto - MW
Another cheap long shot is to switch it on and discontect battery. If it is anything like our digital TV, it may get 'confused' (like a computer). Power off and then back on may unscramble the confusion, and you can start again.
If not, a better new CD/radio can be had with a decent make (Sony JVC etc) in the sales for £75+, probably the easiest and best option.
Radio not working - Fiat Punto - Mapmaker
I got a new face-off Goodmans CD stereo from Halford's last week in their sale for £50.

If that's too expensive, get a second hand tape one from ebay - they go for about £10, plus £7 postage...

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