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Morning All,

Two days ago our VW Bora Tdi had a warning light and a message 'Engine Workshop' flash up on the dash. The warning light is that of the glow plugs. I think that the engine is not starting quite on the button as normal, although it's marginal. The car has done 59,000 miles, I'm wondering if a glow plug has failed and this is what the warning symbols are registering. The engine seems fine in all other respects, but obviously it has come at an awkward time and I don't imagine we will be able to get it dealt with before Monday. We'd like to use the car over the weekend.

Has anyone had this experience on a VW or VAG car?

Appreciate any help,
VW Tdi warning light - bertj
This might sound crazy but check that your brake lights are working! On recent VW tdi's the glow plug warning light coming on when driving indicates that there is a brake light switch failure - it's all connected with the engine management system.
In your case however, it does sound like a glow plug problem. I'm not sure though whether you would get an Engine Workshop message for a glow plug failure. Is the message on continuously? If not, I would think it safe to drive the car until you can have it plugged into a VW diagnostic computer.
VW Tdi warning light - Craig_1969
I suggest a VAG-COM cable and software. This will allow you to diagnose your problem with the free software available from www.vag-com.co.uk. Useful bit of kit. I have a spare cable if you are interested cstephenson AT orange dot net.
VW Tdi warning light - DL
Interesting! I was reading about the VAG-COM software over on Fred's TDI site yesterday....

There's someone not far from me with the kit! Wooo hooo! I know who I will be calling if I get any problems.
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VW Tdi warning light - Heebeegeetee
Interesting answers, thanks guys. I'll check the brake lights first thing in the morning. If its glow plugs I might change them myself, reasonably competent on the spanners.

The cable sounds interesting, are you anywhere near the Midlands, Craig?

And lastly, where is that 'Freds TDI site? Haven't heard of that.

Thanks, All.
VW Tdi warning light - DL
Fred's excellent if not rather US-biased site can be found at tdiclub.com

Make yourself a coffee and be prepared for an interesting read.
groups.msn.com/honestjohn/problems.msnw?Page=1 - Pictures say a thousand words.....
VW Tdi warning light - Heebeegeetee
Ta -Daaaaa! A result!

Take a bow Berie, both rear brake light bulbs had blown.

There's a little more to tell than that, but we're off out again, so will post in the morning.

Cheers, Guys!
VW Tdi warning light - DL

Another Back Room victory!
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VW Tdi warning light - Heebeegeetee
Hi Folks,

Right, I've got time to explain, now.
VW Tdi warning light - Heebeegeetee
Gordon Bennett, I'm not doing very well tonight.

So bertj had suggested I check the brake lights. Right, I thought, do that in the morning.
Next morning, forget all about it and set off for a day out in Derbyshire, with wife and mother in law.

During trip up, I notice the cruise control isn't working. Hmmm, I think, but don't say anything 'cos MIL will start harping on at us to buy a new motor. She's from the days of Allegros and Marinas, and thinks any more than 20k miles and the bottom is falling out of the car. She thinks we should be in a Daewoo Matiz, or Perodua Iranu, anything so long as its brand new.

At lunch time I suddenly remember the brake lights. We check, and lo! only the centre light is working.

Grope around in boot trying to gain access to rear light clusters. Give up and consult multi-volume handbook. It usefully tells me that due to the complex nature of the light units requiring much underbonnet dismantling (eh?) I should take the car to a main dealer. Yeah, right.

Grope some more and gain access. Not well thought out light units. Pinch two of the four rear fog bulbs and hey presto! Warning light and 'ENGINE WORKSHOP' message goes out, and cruise control working once more.

Wa-Hey! Thanks guys.

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