Brake Warning Light- Nissan Micra - Drivethru
I have a Micra 1L year 2000 a couple of times in the past week the brake warning light has come on for a few seconds mid journey then gone out and not come back on. The brakes are working ok and the brake fluid hasn\'t gone down.

Any ideas anyone.
Brake Warning Light - Roger Jones
Yes, get it checked immediately. It may be trivial; it may be serious; but it's too important to ignore.
Brake Warning Light - Malcolm_L
Could be brake pads are due for renewal - what's the pad thickness like?

I'd definitely find out what the problem is sooner rather than

Brake Warning Light - bertj
Does the brake warning light double as a handbrake-on warning light? If so check the switch that is actuated by the handbrake when it is pulled on.
Brake Warning Light - Drivethru
Thanks for your replies. I had the brakes checked this morning and they are ok, the mechanic thinks it is the switch to do with the handbrake as bertj suggested. He topped the fluid to the max and I am going to check that doesn't alter, although I don't think it did before as it was never on the max mark.

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