Dividing dog guard - Ivor E Tower
Back in the 1970's when my parents bought their first estate car, you could get a "dogmaster divider" which split the load area lengthways - half for your pet, half for luggage. They didn't get one however- just a full-width dog guard.
I am now trying to find a "split" guard for my Ford Galaxy with no success so far. For do a tee-shaped guard which splits the load area but also places a full-width guard behind the middle row of seats which is OK if you want to carry 5 people, a dog and luggage, but useless if you want to carry 6 people plus a dog.
I have tried a few searches on the internet but with no success so far.
Can anyone else help?
Dividing dog guard - rustbucket
Have not seen one of these for ages but as an alternative you can get mesh cages -various sizes - which you could fit in almost any vacant seat position in a galaxy or estate as required.Available from pet stores.

Dividing dog guard - puntoo
Any dog magazine will be full of the sort of thing that you are looking for (a dog cage effectivly). They even have sloping sides to them to accomodate the curve of the glass in the rear window.


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