Ex Police T5's and Omegas - Phil D'Souza
Anybody out there purchased one of the above. I fancy the power and am prepared to pay for the tyres, but I would like to run an ex striped one for about 3 years after it's come off its last duty.
I've found a place in Cranleigh in Surrey that sells all sorts of white Vauxhalls and Volvos. None of them with more than 100k on the clock and all priced pretty reasonably for 250bhp (£6k for a T5 and £4k for the V6 Omega's)
Am I setting myself up for 3 years of replacement gearboxes and expensive engine parts or can I safely scare the hell out of anyone in the outside lane.
All help would be greatly appreciated
Re: Ex Police T5's and Omegas - Robert

I run an Omega 3.0 V6 - although not ex Police. The cars are good for many many miles. The F28 gearbox is only used on the 3.0 model and quite tough. Its not the smoothest of changes, but solid and positive. The clutch should last for 100k miles, although is about £400 to replace at a dealer.

Frequent oil changes are suggested. The book says the cambelt should last 80k, but I'd change it at 60k. Apparently the 3.0 V6 dosn't suffer the same woes as other Vauxhall cambelts - but at £140 at a dealer its worth investing.

Fuel consumption is very good (35) on a run at legal speeds, although drops quite a bit around town.

The Police versions use steel 15" wheels and 205 tyres - which arn't that expensive (compared to the 17", 235's on mine anyway). Although in saying that some do have alloys.

Try and get a '98 model as they will have Xenon headlamps - the older headlights on the Omega are aweful. The newer cars also have aircon fitted.

Finally, if/when you have bought one, take it to Micheldever tyres and have a free suspension & brake check.

Hope this helps .......

Re: Ex Police T5's and Omegas - Adam

Don't know about the T5s, but a little bird told me some time ago that the Police were having all sorts of bother with V6 Vectras and Omegas, mainly engine-related, and attributed to continual high load / high rev use. I was told that one force had actually sent it's Omegas back alltogether. All the above was second-hand information, so I can't vouch for it personally. Are there any ex-job visitors to the site who would like to contibute ?

Regards, Adam
Re: Ex Police T5's and Omegas - Dwight Van-Driver

On the good side ex Plodmobiles will have been subject to regular servicing which in the old days was carried out by their own mechanics - some Forces still do this. But being ever strapped for cash, servicing by some is contracted out to various Garages, good , bad and indifferent.

On the bad side the have been driven by a multitude of drivers, some good at car consideration others with very heavy right boots and therefore thrashed. Which is the better, one owner many drivers or many owners one driver?

Rear seats should be in spanking condition though - they don't seem to take many prisoners and here is a tip - search under the rear seat squabs a favourite place for the bad guys to try and hide small items of loot/contraband.

Re: Ex Police T5's and Omegas - Tony
Dont know about the T5,but i have bought/sold many ex william omegas.Overall not to bad,but suffer from GM indifferent build quality.Some forces disposals are better than others,Thames Valley are usually a cut above,and are usually released with a service record.As ever buy the latest you can afford.

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