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Hi all,
I recently had a complete exhaust system replacement on my omega, i.e. back box and middle section. I have noticed that on accelerating above ~ 2000 rpm, the new exhaust sounds somewhat noisy, almost as if I didn't have a back box. I returned to the people who fitted it and they told me there's nothing wrong with it, that was normal. I am very dissapointed as it is annoying having this constant drone when accelerating and motor driving which I never had before on the original system.

Can anyone recommend a really quiet exhaust for my Omega 2.0 16V auto T-reg, should I go to a Vauxhall garage and get a manufacturers one fitted or not? I realise I am going to lose on this, but I am prepared to do so for a quieter ride!

noisy exhaust on omega? - smokie
Had mine replaced on the MV6 a few months back and like yours mine is more noisy than it used to be. Must be a feature.
noisy exhaust on omega? - Dynamic Dave
Give it a few weeks to get sooty and to carbon up inside a bit, and it should quieten down a tad. At the moment it is bare tin and resonating.
noisy exhaust on omega? - Rashid
At last other people with the same problem.

Mines a MK 3 Golf GTI had the exhaust replaced at Kwikfit, (i guess that was my mistake) and since then the noise has been bugging the hell out of me.

Went back to 2 different Kwikfit garages, eventually one of them suggested it could be my Engine Managment Unit playing up.
Next my own mechanic suggested that this was pish, and that it\'s not a genuine VW exhaust so it might carbon up and then quiet down.

Personally i think that its pink fluffy dice, i\'ve had new exhausts before and never had this problem, i\'m debating whether to fork out for a VW Exhaust and hope that the problem ends there.
noisy exhaust on omega? - Chris M
Before I sold my last Vectra I replaced the back box as it was on it's last legs, badly corroded on the outside but not actually leaking. It was the original after 6 years and 120,000 miles.

The choice I was offered was a Bosal at around £60 or a Timax at around £30. Prices are from memory. The Bosal was of OE design, i.e. the proper kiney shape. The Timax was of the conventional oval type that silencers always used to be. I went for the Timax as I was selling the car.

The noise from the Timax was worse than the one I took off. Quite rorty from about 2,500 rpm. Lesson - pay the extra if you want OE quality.

noisy exhaust on omega? - zedzedeleven
I too had a Bosal system fitted to a V6 Omega and found it to be noisier than the original. It hasn`t got any quieter either. This begs the question do exhausts still soot up enough to deaden the resonance? I`m thinking that soot is fluffy stuff and a fair carpeting would be needed to have any effect. Decokes are now a thing of the past so maybe modern engines are soot free.
noisy exhaust on omega? - Robbie
Not sure if this might be applicable to the 2.0 litre, but on my V6 there was a short pipe, somewhere near the manifold, which had a split, and was found at my annual service. I had thought my exhaust was noisy, but when this pipe was replaced it was as quiet as a mouse again.
noisy exhaust on omega? - Aprilia
I don't think a bit of soot is going to make a tremendous difference. A lot of the aftermarket pipes are thinner and flimsier than the OEM version.

Also check out the hangers (the rubber rings that support the exhaust) - they should not be too tight or too slack (caused by the new exhaust not being properly aligned). Tight hangers will transmit a lot of extra noise into the cabin.
noisy exhaust on omega? - SpamCan61 {P}
The exhaust on my 2 litre Omegs sounds the same : seems to be a 'characteristic';-)


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